Snider Leadership Development Club (SLDC)

Snider Leadership Development Club (SLDC) is an organization centered on the individual. In accordance with the branding pillar of the University of Maryland, the club seeks to foster personal growth in each member to enable them to forge their own paths towards success and to expand upon their passions and interests. SLDC will achieve this through school-wide events, intimate workshops, and peer bonding experiences. Through the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets and the Robert H. Smith School of Business, we provide direct access to professors, faculty, and other business professionals to bring our members this personal and professional success.

Executive Board

  • President: Sarah Nguyen
  • VP of Recruitment: Corinne Baker
  • VP of Strategic Engagement: Matt Wingate
  • VP of Marketing: Brett Dashevsky
  • VP of Finance: Ryan Tashakkori
  • VP of Events: Kavon Badie
  • VP of Operations: Wyatt Kramer
  • Historian: Jake Fechter

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