The Inc. Tank

The Inc. Tank is a podcast and videocast where thought leaders discuss radically changing markets. In every episode, host Dr. Christina Elson interviews entrepreneurs, policymakers, and researchers on the front lines of disrupted industries. Elson’s background as an anthropologist and business strategist creates a foundation for electrifying and revealing conversations with her guests about technologies that could transform existing revenue models and unlock fierce competition in the marketplace.

Past episodes have included discussions on AI, biotech, private sector space travel and blockchain with experts like Joshua Gans, Yaya Fanusie, Eric Alston and Mark Walsh. In each of these episodes, Dr. Elson and her guest spotlight various aspects of the technologies including staying power, investment opportunities, job market impact and related ethical issues. The bold ideas and thorough analysis provided in these engrossing conversations are what make The Inc. Tank so unique—and so powerful.

The Inc. Tank is a major part of the Ed Snider Center’s initiative to educate future thought leaders by arming them with information about market disruption. The show’s deep dives into technologies making waves in industry will help provoke thought in today’s businesspeople about their own sectors, create inspiration in the young people who will be creating tomorrow’s value in the market, and provide entertaining, engaging case studies for anybody interested in how technology is changing the world around them. So far, it’s reached over 16,000 listeners and garnered a dedicated social media following. And the show is poised to attract greater attention and a rapid growth in audience.

Join The Inc. Tank as we chronicle the revolutions occurring all around us on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and Google Play. You can also watch the videocast on YouTube and at, as well as show clips on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram TV.