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Study Abroad Ambassadors

Sumit Dalsania, Senior, Finance & Biology

Sumit DalsaniaStudy Abroad: IE Business School Exchange – Spain (Spring 2016)


Interests: Hiking, biking, running, reading, and traveling

Global Mindset goals developed: Meeting students from all over the world and learning about their lives. Connecting with locals and experiencing everyday life in a Spanish town. Learning four types of traditional Spanish dancing. Traveling through Western and Eastern Europe, Israel, and Morocco.

Best memory or story abroad: A three-hour hike in the Canary Islands from a picturesque village to a beach through a gorge with a landscape straight from Jurassic Park.

Zahara Fisher, Senior, Finance & Marketing

Zahara Fisher

Study Abroad: Global Immersion Course – Australia and Dubai (Winter 2015) & Maryland-in-Barcelona - Italy (Spring 2016)


Interests: Communications, analytics, and travel

Global Mindset goals developed: Colloquial proficiency in Spanish, spend a semester abroad (done!), and to travel to every continent during my lifetime.

Best memory or story abroad: During my time in Barcelona, I traveled to Madrid for a weekend with some friends. While in Madrid, we visited Parque del Retiro and ran into like five other people from UMD! We spent the whole day there talking to people and sharing experiences. It made the world feel a lot smaller having those connections from home.

Evan Hass, Senior, Marketing

Evan HassStudy Abroad: IE Business School Exchange – Spain (Spring 2016)


Interests: Cars, sports (basketball, soccer, baseball), biking, hiking, and Spanish

Global Mindset goals developed: Explore career opportunities abroad, continue to get better at adapting to ambiguous situations, improve my Spanish

Best memory or story abroad: A UMD friend studying abroad in Manchester visited me for a few days. He clicked instantly with the friends I made abroad and we all got to re-explore Madrid through his perspective. We spent his last night hanging out until 3:30 AM, exchanging stories from abroad and talking about our lives

Sara Ho, Senior, Accounting & Information Systems

Sara HoStudy Abroad: Business Exchange at National Taiwan University – Taiwan (Fall 2015)


Interests: Traveling, and photography

Global Mindset goals developed: Strengthening of cross-cultural communication skills (main language spoken in Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese); Gain a better understanding about all aspects of life in Taiwan; Becoming more independent as I had never been away from home/family/friends for so long (I live 20-25 minutes away from campus)

Best memory or story abroad: Attending a huge new year's concert in Taipei - I went very early at 8am (the concert didn't start till 7pm) with a friend to scope out a good spot (we ended up being in the front row of our section - it was all standing area). It was one of the best nights of my life getting to experience New Year's like that. It was also pretty cool since we were in the front row my friends and I were featured on TV numerous times during the live broadcast!

Rachel Holzman, Senior, Marketing

Rachel HolzmanStudy Abroad: Maryland-in-Barcelona – Rome (Spring 2016)


Interests: Sports, international retail companies, ad agencies, and the outdoors

Global Mindset goals developed: Work for a company in an office oversees to experience business and life in another culture

Best memory or story abroad: My best memory from abroad was a compilation of the times I was walking down the streets of Barcelona where I studied, taking in the different culture and experiencing a laid back and socially oriented way of life, very different from what I experience in the U.S.

Sachi Khemka, Senior, Finance & Information Systems

Sachi KhemkaStudy Abroad: Cass Business School Exchange – London (Spring 2016)


Interests: Travel, entrepreneurship, rowing, and ceramics

Global Mindset goals developed: Sometime within the next 5 years, I hope to move to Australia. Having taken the Global Mindset Colloquium sophomore year, I realized how global all business is. It is so important to understand how to communicate with people who are different from you and to be able to apply a global mindset to all group settings in which you work. Therefore, I hope to use my cultural experiences as I pursue a career abroad.

Best memory or story abroad: One of my favorite memories from abroad was when my friends and I went down to southern England one weekend for a beach/hiking trip. We had a small picnic and then enjoyed the sunset on the cliff with the water below us. It was a great ending to midterms!

Jordan London, Senior, Supply Chain Management

Jordan LondonStudy Abroad: ISA Florence - Italy (Spring 2016)


Interests: Drawing, playing soccer, and being a part of my sorority

Global Mindset goals developed: Having a global mindset means learning about other cultures and keeping an open mind for different ways of thinking

Best memory or story abroad: My best memory was paragliding over the Swiss Alps

Dan Moscatiello, Senior, Finance

Dan MoscatielloStudy Abroad: Global Immersion Experience – Australia (Winter 2015) & Maryland-in-Rome – Italy (Spring 2016)


Interests: Travel, college basketball and football, hockey, music, and sightseeing

Global Mindset goals developed: Being able to step out of your comfort zone by spending time living in and interacting with another culture. The ability to look at business activity and come up with solutions from an international context does wonders for your personal and professional development.

Best memory or story abroad: My favorite memory was spending the last two weeks of the program with all my new friends from both UMD and other schools around the country. Almost every free moment we had, we would eat out at a nice restaurant, go out at night, sightsee all throughout Rome, and even just throw the Frisbee around in Villa Borghese, my favorite park in all of Rome. It really gave us a chance to solidify the bonds we made throughout the semester and laugh and remember all the memories we made and stories we would tell when we go back home. I still keep in touch with a lot of my abroad friends to this day!

Marissa Sawicki, Senior, Supply Chain Management and Operations Management/Business Analytics minor

Marissa SawickiStudy Abroad: Bocconi University Exchange – Italy (Spring 2016)


Interests: Traveling, hiking, running, trying new foods, and cooking

Global Mindset goals developed: Challenge myself in an unfamiliar environment, develop an international network, have fun!

Best memory or story abroad: A group of friends and I took part in a 60 KM bike ride of the entire Amalfi coast from Salerno to Sorrento. Due to the steep inclines of the route, it is a ride very few people do. The combination of the route's intensity and the handicap of the copious gelato I consumed throughout the semester definitely made this a feat for the books.

Meredith Soule, Senior, Marketing & Supply Chain Management

Meredith SouleStudy Abroad: Summer Global Internship – Australia (Summer 2015) & Cass Exchange Program – England (Spring 2016)


Interests: Skiing, surfing, scuba diving, hiking, and traveling

Global Mindset goals developed: Upon graduation, I am pursuing a career in marketing for an international company. My experiences abroad have given me a cultural curiosity that lends itself well to my career goals. Within a global role, one must be eager to learn about the different markets they are working in and be appreciative and aware of the differences in cultures across the world. I also hope to continue building my network to encompass business contacts from many countries.

Best memory or story abroad: When I was interning in Australia, I had the opportunity to go to Cairns for a weekend. During my trip, I went skydiving and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef within a 24 hour time period. It was such an incredible experience and two of the most adventurous things I've ever done!

Foluke Tuakli, Senior, Marketing

Foluke TuakliStudy Abroad: Milan Exchange – Italy, Summer 2014 & Short-Term – Hong Kong & Dubai (Winter 2016), Cape Town (Spring 2016)


Interests: Media, musical, theatre, social innovation, and gospel choir

Global Mindset goals developed: Encourage more students of color to pursue international experiences

Best memory or story abroad: There are so many! YIKES!