Guidelines for Course Work Approval

All courses taken by BMGT majors off-campus must be approved in advance by BMGT Undergraduate Studies advisors. Acceptance and applicability of course requirements in fulfillment of BMGT requirements will be determined within the Robert H. Smith School of Business.

Transferring University General Education and/or Electives

The Smith School will accept credits in fulfillment of University General Education requirements and/or lower and upper-level electives from ANY foreign university that is recognized by the Education Abroad Office, as long as equivalency has been determined by the appropriate department.

Transferring Upper-Level BMGT Requirements

The Smith School will accept credits in fulfillment of upper-level BMGT requirements - either core Business requirements or major requirements - only if earned from EQUIS or AACSB-accredited schools which offer international study coursework, or from a limited group of international schools that offer commensurate U.S.-style programs. Please check with your BMGT advisor for details. Course content must be deemed equivalent for courses to be accepted toward BMGT requirements.

Students are allowed to transfer:

  • Up to two major requirements per BMGT major
  • Up to two upper-level Smith core requirements
  • Upper-level ECON requirements
  • Upper-level electives

Students are NOT allowed to transfer:

  • BMGT 367
  • BMGT457 and BMGT407
  • The first course in the major (BMGT 340 for finance majors, BMGT 350 for marketing majors, etc.)
  • Courses taken pass/fail

Before studying abroad

The Smith School will review, on a case-by-case basis, coursework taken at foreign universities with comparable business programs. This Smith School has an ongoing process of course evaluation for the exchange programs affiliated with the Center for Global Business -- many of the courses that students might want to take at exchange programs may have already been evaluated. Check with your Undergraduate Studies advisor for details.

In the event that a BMGT course you want to take at a Smith exchange has not yet been evaluated, the Undergraduate Studies Office will sign off on these courses only after the appropriate BMGT faculty member has completed a formal evaluation. You will need to provide a course syllabus to your BMGT advisor as far in advance as possible to ensure timely evaluation of the class. Please realize that whether you are going abroad through Smith, or the campus Education Abroad Office, ultimately all of your paperwork must be signed by the Center for Global Business or Education Abroad Office (depending on the program you choose) and your BMGT advisor. This process takes time, so please do not wait until the last minute.

Students need to leave adequate time for the completion of all paperwork. Study abroad forms are not completed on an "on demand" basis, as there is usually a formal evaluation that must be completed for the proposed classes.

While studying abroad

If students register for courses abroad that were not pre-approved, they must email their Smith academic advisor with the syllabus for approval. The student must then forward the approval to their study abroad advisor - either in Smith's Center for Global Business or the Education Abroad Office. This facilitates the course evaluation procedure at the conclusion of the program. 

It is imperative that students leaving for a study abroad program plan for their next semester's registration before leaving the United States. Students going abroad should take with them an updated copy of their curriculum sheet, their BMGT advisor's email address, their undergraduate catalog, and schedule of classes. While abroad, students can check their pre-registration date for the next semester via Testudo in the Records and Registration area, and can register via Testudo. Students should know which classes they want to take and arrange for any special requests, such as internship permission, etc., prior to leaving. 

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