Passport to Global Mindset Challenge

Smith Goes GlobalThe Passport to Global Mindset Challenge is a unique program for rising sophomores and is officially launched at the Global Young Professionals Institute (Global YPI). At Global YPI, freshmen are introduced to The Passport to Global Mindset, The Passport to Global Mindset App, and The Global Mindset Challenge.

How does the Passport to Global Mindset Challenge work?

Throughout your sophomore year, use the Passport to Global Mindset App to learn about global events and activities. Each activity is tied to a specific global mindset competency.

As you participate in global events and activities, the app will tell you how many points each activity is worth and how to earn those points.

CGB will be keeping track of your points and updating you on your progress through the app.

At the end of your sophomore year, CGB will tally up the points and announce the winners.

What You Could Win

Grand Prize: A scholarship for a future BMGT credit-bearing study abroad program—on top of any other study abroad aid you’ve received.

Top Performers: The top five students will be invited to participate in an International Business Round Table and will get a LinkedIn endorsement from CGB, setting your professional profile apart.

Active Participants: Complete three or more challenges or activities to get a prize from CGB.

Passport to global mindsetHow do you download The Passport to Global Mindset App?

Download the app by following these simple steps:

  1. Search for "TerpLife" in the app store.
  2. Once downloaded, search for "Passport to Global Mindset" on the TerpLife app.
  3. Download "Passport to Global Mindset."
  4. Once there, you will be able to view the page, activities, etc.
  5. Once downloaded, please “check-in” and create a profile.