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What is Global Mindset?

“…one that combines an openness to and awareness of diversity across countries and markets with a propensity and ability to see common patterns across countries and markets.” – Financial Times

Different authorities may take different approaches to defining global mindset. The important thing to remember is that people with a global mindset can understand differences among cultures and business practices, welcome the opportunity to learn about similarities.

We’ve broken ‘Global Mindset’ into seven competencies – attributes that those with a global mindset exhibit. Click on each one to learn more about how to develop it and discover programs that at the University of Maryland that will help you do so!

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Global Mindset Competencies

Tolerance of Ambiguity Ability to navigate unclear or uncertain situations without feeling stress or anxiety. Comfort with vague instructions or information.
Global Business Savvy Knowledge of business environments and growth drivers (institutional, geographic, cultural, and economic) that operate in and between countries.
Passion for Diversity Willingness to seek out and consider diverse viewpoints, appreciate the values and beliefs of others, and collaborate on diverse teams.
Cultural Curiosity Interest in learning about cultures and world events, and taking initiative to seek out more information about local contexts.
Adaptability Ability to overcome challenges and be resourceful when faced with difficult situations.
Self-awareness and Humility Confidence in oneself without overestimating one's abilities while valuing the experience and backgrounds of others.
Relationship Building Eagerness to interact with new people and develop a strong network built on communication, empathy, and mutual respect.
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