Financing Study Abroad

For Undergraduate Students Only

Studying abroad takes a financial commitment and the University of Maryland and the Robert H. Smith School of Business are working together to make it affordable for everyone. Scholarships for all first-time abroad students are available, as are funds based strictly on need and/or merit. Students currently receiving financial aid may be able to apply all, or some, of it towards study abroad.

Smith School Scholarships 

Global Scholarships

Global scholarships for faculty-led programs and semester programs are available for students who have not previously earned credits from a UMD global program and/or transferred in any credits from a foreign university. Students may participate in any UMD global, for-credit program and are eligible if they are a student in either: 1) the Robert H. Smith School of Business, 2) QUEST, or 3) the College Park Scholars Business, Society & the Economy (BSE) program.


  • $1,100 scholarship for semester abroad programs
  • $750 scholarship for a summer-long program (1 month or longer)
  • $600 scholarship for a faculty-led short-term global course

Please note that there is a global leadership & service requirement for all scholarship recipients. Details on application.

CIBE & Dingman International Internship Scholarship

Students with an unpaid internship in a foreign country (either through the Global Internship Program or independently) are eligible for the Maryland Center for International Business Education (CIBE) international internship scholarship.

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Students participating in the Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps (MSEC) are also eligible for the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship scholarship, but can only receive one of the scholarships.

Funding Sources for Maryland Programs

Other Study Abroad Financial Aid Sources


Study Abroad Ambassador — $1,500 Scholarship

A $1,500 scholarship is available for business students participating in a semester-long study abroad program. A limited number of positions are offered in the fall and spring semesters. Study abroad ambassadors are responsible for marketing their study abroad program while abroad, serving as a resource for students interested in going abroad, and creating a community amongst Smith study abroad students. Any business major student studying abroad for a semester is eligible to apply.

Apply for Fall 2020

Deadline: February 25, 2020

Please note: In order to be considered for the position, we require that you submit both your study abroad ambassador application and your study abroad program application by February 25.

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Communication Liaison — $1,000 Stipend

A $1,000 stipend is available for undergraduate students enrolled in a BMGT faculty-led short-term course. One stipend will be offered per course. The communication liaison will be responsible for a variety of multimedia deliverables including, but not limited, to blogging, social media, photography, and videography throughout the duration of the course. This role requires creativity, strong writing skills, an artistic eye, and a strong knowledge of the learning objectives of the program.

Application closed and will re-open for winter 2021 in fall 2020.  

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