Faculty-Led Short-Term Courses

Application closed and will re-open for winter 2021 in fall 2020.

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Engage in an experience that will broaden your global mindset by fostering cultural curiosity and adaptability. Smith School short-term programs provide students with the opportunity to apply a comparative international lens to their business education and professional career.

Funding Opportunities

Learn more about Smith School scholarships/stipends, including the global scholarship for first-time study abroad students ($600) and the Communications Liaison role ($1,000).


Leading Innovation and Design in a Cross-Cultural Setting
Destinations: Barcelona & Madrid
Dates: January 6 (arrive)–January 17 (depart), 2020
Faculty: Pamela Armstrong and Gerald Suarez
Cost: $3,274
Academics: BMGT469O (this course satisfies a management major requirement)


The Impact of Globalization, Convergence and Fintech on the Financial Accounting Profession
Destinations: Singapore & Taiwan
Dates: January 7 (arrive)–January 15 (depart), 2020
Faculty: Eugene Cantor and Stephen Brown
Cost: $3,024
Academics: BMGT428K (this course satisfies an accounting major requirement)

Singapore & Hongkong

Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Contemporary South African Context
Destination: Cape Town
Dates: January 6 (arrive)–January 19 (depart), 2020
Staff: Victor Mullins and Jeanette Snider
Cost: $3,040
Academics: BMGT469K (this course satisfies a management major requirement)

South Africa

Brexit: The Financial Effects on the EU and Beyond
Destinations: London & Brussels
Dates: January 5 (arrive)–January 15 (depart), 2020
Faculty: Susan White and Karen Hallows
Cost: $3,024
Academics: BMGT448W (this course satisfies a finance major requirement)


Supply Chain Management Study Abroad: Peru and Panama
Destinations: Panama City & Lima
Dates: January 8 (arrive)–January 17 (depart), 2020
Faculty/Staff: Humberto Coronado and Greg Rafal
Cost: $3,024
Academics: BMGT478E (this course satisfies a supply chain management major requirement)


If you have questions about study abroad programs please contact Greg Rafal at grafal@rhsmith.umd.edu.

The Smith Common Core Framework

Our robust model ensures students get the most out of their international experience. The model incorporates pre- and post-study abroad sessions specifically designed to prepare students to take full advantage of their cultural immersion and leverage their global business acumen in their future careers.

Session Content
Pre-program Undergraduate Common Core — Learn how openness and awareness of cultures, markets, and trends affect global business.
Pre-program Course Specific Content — As determined by the instructor.
Pre-program Pre-Departure Orientation — Health, safety, culture, and logistics.
Post-Program Course Specific Content — As determined by the instructor.
Post-Program Global Showcase — Show off your global mindset and business knowledge through team poster presentations.

Exact meeting dates and times will be detailed in the course syllabus.

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