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On Campus Global Opportunities

On-Campus Programs

Broadening your global mindset isn’t limited to study abroad programs. The Smith School offers an abundant amount of opportunities to get involved in global learning while on campus – from internationally-focused classes to student clubs and speaker series. Join us, and get involved!

CIBER Distinguished Speaker Series Events

The Distinguished Speakers Series presents the latest trends in international business and provoke conversation among undergraduate and graduate students, policy experts, and business executives. Recent speakers include the Qatari Ambassador to the United States; the Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Lockheed Martin; and the Chief of TATA Sustainability Group.

International Education Week

International Education Week is a great opportunity to celebrate international education and exchange throughout the world. The Smith School is thrilled to showcase our international reach and celebrate global learning on campus with a variety of events throughout the week. Visit the IEW website for detailed information on events.

Global Showcase

The Center for Global Business partners with CIBER to host an annual global showcase to give recently-returned study abroad participants the opportunity to create poster presentations and present to a panel of judges and guests. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about global business while networking with classmates.

Global Young Professionals Institute

CGB is proud to be a part of the Young Professionals Institute and partner with the Smith Start program to reach out to freshmen and introduce them to the important of global mindset. With a guest speaker and an introduction to the Passport to a Global Mindset, the event is a don’t-miss for all first-year students.

Global Coursework

Take part in the International Business Institute (IBI) or an international business course to expand your global business acumen while on campus.

Student Clubs

Join academic or social clubs on campus to network with students with international interests.

Global Consulting Fellows Program

The program aims at developing a global awareness of the world’s business cultures, as well as learning business consulting concepts in international contexts. The fellows program is open to all business majors.


The University of Maryland offers many ways for domestic students to get involved with international students on campus, including the Language Partner Program or International Student Orientation. Volunteer your time and make new friends from all over the world.