Thought Leadership

Our faculty members are attuned to a global marketplace that values innovation, entrepreneurialism, analytical thinking and hard work. Not surprisingly, Smith is ranked #24 in the world for intellectual capital by the Financial Times. Their teaching and research is a major contributor to making the Smith School as one of the best national resource centers for research, education, and training of International Business.

Thought Leaders at the Smith School

Rajshree Agarwal, Rudolph P. Lamone Chair and Professor in Entrepreneurship; Director, Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets

Ritu Agarwal, Robert H. Smith Dean’s Chair of Information Systems & Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research

Bruce Golden, The France-Merrick Chair in Management Science

Anil Gupta, Michael D. Dingman Chair in Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Pete Kyle, Charles E. Smith Chair Professor of Finance

Hui Liao, Smith Dean’s Professor in Leadership and Management

Henry Lucas, Professor of Information Systems & Department Chair

Max Maksimovic, William A. Longbrake Chair in Finance & Chair of the Department of Finance

Sunil Mithas, Professor and Author, Dancing Elephants and Leaping Jaguars: How to Excel, Innovate and Transform Your Organization the Tata Way

Kislaya Prasad, Executive Director, Center for International Business Education and Research; Research Professor

Roland Rust, Distinguished University Professor and David Bruce Smith Chair in Marketing; Executive Director, Center for Excellence in Service; Executive Director, Center for Complexity in Business

Lemma Senbet, William E. Mayer Chair Professor of Finance

Susan Taylor, Smith Chair of Human Resource Management & Organizational Change & Co-Director of CLIC

Michel Wedel, Distinguished University Professor and PepsiCo Chair in Consumer Science

Bennet Zelner, Associate Professor of Logistics, Business & Public Policy

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