MBA Global Business Courses

Managing Global Business Risks and Opportunities


Faculty Lead

Bennet A. Zelner

Virtual Destinations

Chile, Israel, Poland, South Africa, and Vietnam.


Open to second and third year full-time MBA, part-time MBA, and OMBA, students.


Registration opens July 30, 2020, on Testudo.

Add/Drop Deadlines

Please refer to the Networth academic calendar for add/drop dates.

Credit Structure

2 credits earned during the fall semester + 2 credits earned during the spring semester. Total = 4 credits.

Course Dates

Fall 2020 term B, January, and spring 2021 term C.


Contact Kara Korab at

Given the global pandemic and university-wide restriction on travel, the Center for Global Business will be unable to offer the traditional MBA global business courses, including January travel abroad, this academic year. In their place, a brand new, innovative course has been developed that will allow you to travel the world virtually, at no additional cost beyond tuition.

“Managing Global Business Risks and Opportunities,” taught by Bennet A. Zelner, associate professor, runs through fall term B, January, and spring term C. Whereas traditional MBA global business courses have focused on doing business in one country, this course focuses on doing business in five countries: Chile, Israel, Poland, South Africa, and Vietnam. The course will provide you with the opportunity to meet virtually with global business leaders and subject matter experts in these five countries, connect with normally inaccessible leadership, engage in discussion with MBA students from across the world, and work with a US-based firm on a global consulting project — all from the comfort of your home.


Check the Networth website for up to date information regarding course objectives, course structure, and registration details.

Past MBA Global Business Courses

Recent MBA global business courses have included travel to Brazil, China & Vietnam, Japan & Singapore, South Africa, and the UAE.


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