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MBA Global Business Courses

Check the Networth site for up to date information regarding course numbers, registration details, program fees, withdrawal and refund policies. The courses are non-repeatable. Students may participate in only one course over the course of their MBA program. The MBA Global Business courses (BUSI 788/ BUSM 778) are non-repeatable. Students may participate in only one course during their MBA program. Students can participate in one MBA Global Business course (BUSI 788/ BUSM 778) and one MBA Global Consulting Practicum (BUMO 758K - whether domestic or international) during their MBA program. MBA Global Consulting Practicum (BUMO 758K) is non-repeatable as well.

Winter Break - January 2018

CHINA: Beijing and Shanghai (BUSI 788C/BUSM 778C)
Opportunities in China’s Service Sector


UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Dubai and Abu Dhabi (BUSI 788M/BUSM 778M)
Mega Projects Management in the United Arab Emirates

JAPAN & SINGAPORE: Tokyo and Singapore (BUSI 788Y/BUSM 778Y)
Asia's Tigers Old and New

INDIA: Delhi and Bangalore
An Engine for Growth and Opportunities

SOUTH AFRICA: Johannesburg and Cape Town (BUSI 788J/BUSM 778J)
Doing Business in South Africa: Country in Transformation

Capetown, South Africa

Spring Break - March 2018

BRAZIL: Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (BUSI 788B/BUSM 778B)
Growth Opportunities in an Emerging Market

EUROPE: Berlin, Leipzig, and Milan (BUSI 788E/BUSM 778E)
Doing Business in Europe: Central Germany and Northern Italy

Berlin and Milan