MBA Global Case Competition Opportunity

Competition for Support

Applications closed.

The Center for Global Business is actively seeking to support a team of MBA students from Maryland Smith to compete in a global business case competition of their choice. Maryland Smith MBA students will have the chance to enhance their global mindset and ability to present global business solutions to address real-world global business challenges by applying to compete in an MBA-level case competition.

Teams applying to compete in a competition must choose one of the competitions recommended by the Center for Global Business or suggest a competition that meets certain requirements. These requirements include that the competition must (1) be located in the continental U.S. (2) address how participants will gain global mindset skills (3) be based on a case that addresses global business strategies. If a team applies to compete in a competition not suggested below, the team must provide how the competition meets the aforementioned requirements in their application.

This opportunity is provided in part by CIBE, a Title VI grant from the U.S. Department of Education, through the Maryland Smith Center for Global Business.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Maryland Smith MBA students. This includes all MBA populations.
  • Only teams of the above populations can apply to the competition. Individual MBA students cannot.

How does a team apply?

  • Teams must complete the application and include the team members who will participate in the competition. The number of team members required for the application will be determined by the requirements of the team’s competition choice.
  • Teams must select their preferred case competition, which includes a rationale of their competition choice and an explanation of how the competition will advance their global mindset skills and ability to present feasible, actionable solutions. If a team suggests an alternative competition, teams must include if/how the competition is located in the continental U.S., addresses how participants will gain global mindset skills, and addresses global business strategies.
  • Teams must include a draft budget of estimated costs required to participate in the competition. This can include registration costs, airfare/ground transportation to said competition, lodging, and per diem. The final amount awarded will ultimately be determined by the Center for Global Business.
  • All individuals on the team must submit their resumes when they apply.
  • Application materials should be sent in one email message to Marina Augoustidis, associate director, Center for Global Business, at

What happens once I’ve been awarded?

  • Once the team is notified of their award, the team must provide documentation that they have been accepted to compete in the chosen competition.
  • The Center for Global Business will work with the team on their registration, travel, and lodging. The center will do its best to provide payment directly for these expenses rather than in the form of reimbursement. If this cannot be done, students will be provided with timely reimbursement following the completion of the case competition.
  • The Center for Global Business will provide support/advising from their affiliated faculty and network to prepare the team for the competition.

Are there any conditions of accepting the award?

Team recipients will agree to submit one deliverable to CGB. This deliverable will be determined once the winning team confirms the acceptance of their award. Some examples of a deliverable might include a two-page statement on how the competition enhanced a team member’s global mindset skills, a social media take-over while taking part in the competition, guidance to an undergraduate team on how best to prepare for a global business case competition.

Global Business Case Competitions Recommended

Loyola Marymount University: International Business Ethics and Sustainability Case Competition

LMU’s International Business Ethics and Sustainability Case Competition, held at the Silicon Beach campus of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, enables students to persuasively apply ethical reasoning to practical business issues and the moral imperative of sustainable development. Teams of 3-5 students participate in three competitions – a 25-minute presentation, a 10-minute presentation, and a 90-second presentation – which are judged by executives with experience in corporate leadership ethics, compliance, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Each team selects an appropriate business case that relates to one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and describes the legal, financial and ethical dimensions of the problem. The team then proposes a solution that works on all three counts and advances the SDG goal. The 2020 competition will be held April 22-24, 2020.

Duke University: Energy in Emerging Markets Case Competition

The Energy in Emerging Markets Case Competition (EEMCC), sponsored by the MBA Energy Club, engages diverse and creative teams to address real energy challenges affecting the developing world. The one-day competition connects students, academia, and industry in pursuit of unconventional business-based solutions that expose unrecognized opportunities with positive social and environmental impact. Showcasing analytical and presentation skills, future leaders in the energy industry can demonstrate their global mindset, innovative thinking, and passion.

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