Graduate Programs

The Smith School’s graduate international opportunities offer students the opportunity to earn academic credit for courses that include an international travel component. These programs seek to imbue students with a global mindset and global business savvy so they are well positioned for leadership roles in an increasingly interconnected world.

Global Business Program

Faculty-Led Global Business Programs

4-credit course open to 2nd and 3rd year MBA students. Includes on-campus coursework and 8-10 day travel abroad during Winter or Spring break.

Global Consulting Practicum

Global Consulting Practicum

4 credits. Open to 2nd and 3rd year MBA students. Includes on-campus coursework and for the spring part-time MBA program, 8 days travel abroad during spring break.

Global Exchange Program

MBA Exchanges

Part-time MBAs who complete core courses may participate in an MBA exchange.

Top reasons to participate in a Smith MBA global course opportunity:

  • Employ discipline-based knowledge acquired in the classroom to solve real-world problems faced by companies in a given country or region
  • Understand the major business opportunities and growth drivers in a country or region
  • Learn about the institutional structure of a given industry in a specific national or regional context and place this knowledge in comparative perspective
  • Gain insight into the effect of cross-cultural differences on interpersonal interactions
  • Understand why individuals from different cultures react differently to similar managerial practices, work systems, and human capital management systems
  • Learn to effectively design, implement, and manage cross-cultural teams
  • Develop an increased tolerance for ambiguity
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