Data Grants for Smith School Faculty

Call for Proposals
Center for Global Business Data Grants

In keeping with its congressionally mandated mission of internationalizing business disciplines, the Center for Global Business (CGB) through the Title VI CIBE grant announces its first data grant competition. The objective of the competition is to begin to create a repository of data that could be used as teaching resources at the Smith School and elsewhere. Data sets used in business statistics, data mining, machine learning and other courses are drawn overwhelmingly from U.S. sources (or are synthetic). We are seeking data sets that can serve the dual purpose of (1) bringing international data into the classroom; and (2) illustrating important business data-driven decision-making principles.

Ideally, the final deliverable would meet the following criteria:

  1. The data is international. This goes beyond just having an international source. For instance, the data could facilitate one of the following:
    • Understanding of the context (cultural, historical, economic, or institutional) within which the data was generated;
    • Cross-country comparisons;
    • Acquisition of knowledge of some aspect of doing business internationally (e.g. exchange rate fluctuations).
  2. The data is suitable for classroom use in an undergraduate or master’s level business course, illustrating some relevant business management, or data-driven decision-making principle.
  3. The data set would be accompanied by a short teaching note detailing how it should be used. The note should discuss (a) the kinds of analysis that could be done with the data (linear or logistic regression, cluster analysis, deep learning, etc.); and also (b) describe possible classroom uses (e.g. the business principles it could be used to illustrate).

The data set does not need to be newly constructed for the purpose of this competition. For instance, it could be a data set you constructed for a research paper, and are now willing to share. Or it could be something you have adapted for use in your own classes after obtaining it from a repository (e.g. the American Economic Review website). Just keep in mind that the data should not be proprietary, and must be made available, free of charge, for educational use. Furthermore, you would give CGB the right to distribute it freely for educational use (with either a CC license or CC0 Public Domain dedication.

At this stage, we seek a short proposal (maximum two pages) describing the proposed data set, how it would meet the criteria above, and the proposed classroom use (both the kinds of analysis that could be done with the data and the business application).

Award amount: $4000 (paid upon submission of (1) the data, and (2) the teaching note).

Applications are now closed.

Please contact Kislaya Prasad at, with any questions.