Episode 49: Building Diversity, Inclusion and Empowerment into your Brand Identity

Special guests: Jasmine Snead, CFO, Aurora Tights & Imani Rickerby, COO, Aurora Tights

Jasmine SneadImani RickerbyOn this episode of Bootstrapped, we interviewed current University of Maryland student Jasmine Snead ’19 and alumna Imani Rickerby ’17, co-founders of Pitch Dingman Competition finalist startup Aurora Tights. As both women of color and figure skaters, Jasmine and Imani struggled to find tights that matched their skin tone, and saw their performance and confidence suffer as a result. To solve this problem, in college they started Aurora Tights, an athletic brand that designs performance sports gear in an array of tones for all complexions and sizes. On this episode, Jasmine and Imani share how they explored consumer interest, navigated contract manufacturing and formed a diverse team to help all women feel comfortable in their skin.

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