Pitch Dingman Competition


Pitch Dingman Competition is an annual business competition where University of Maryland students can compete for more than $30,000 in startup funding. The competition consists of a fall Semifinals and a winter Finals competition. Top student entrepreneurs deliver pitches to judges who are experts in entrepreneurship, angel investing and venture capital.


AlgenAir LLC – Dan Fucich, PhD ’20, Kelsey Abernathy
Indoor carbon dioxide accumulation is detrimental to our health and productivity. The aerium is the world’s first natural air purifier that uses algae to reduce carbon dioxide and produce oxygen as effectively as 25 house plants.

BraceLint, LLC – Daniel Raithel ’20
BraceLint is a completely flat, single-use, and patent-pending version of the lint roller that allows anyone to freshen their clothing once they are out of the house.

Door Robotics – Joshua Ermias ’20
Door Robotics is at the intersection of drones, virtual reality, and photography. We are launching a drone with an integrated virtual reality camera system.

Hydraze – Charles Grody ’20, Jack Sturtevant ’20, Tuvia Rappaport ’20
Hydraze Inc. is a sustainability-oriented venture that develops disruptive automatic toilet flushing technology with the ability to reduce average toilet water consumption by 45% which would save UMD at least half a million dollars annually.

SweetsbyCaroline – Caroline Ta ’21
SweetsbyCaroline is a catering business that specializes in custom french macarons, cakes and cupcakes for your parties and events. We value and aim to bring your ideas into unique and delicious products while using the best quality ingredients.

Finals Judges

David Quattrone, MBA '05
Co-founder & CTO, Cvent

Matt Fishlinger '07
Founder & COO, Gramercy Risk Holdings, LLC

Aurelia Flores
Managing Member, Athena Digital Media Group

Tom Parsons '93, MBA '10
President, Parsons Ventures, Inc

Angela Singleton
Director, TEDCO Builder Fund

Becky Smith
EVP, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, SECU

Prize Breakdown

David & Robyn Quattrone Grand Prize: $15,000

Parsons Ventures, Inc Second Place Prize: $7,500

Third Place Prize: $3,500

Audience Choice: $500 at Semifinal Competition and $1,000 at Final Competition

SECU Finalist Award: $500

Other sponsored Prizes: various amounts


Applications open: August 26, 2019 at 12 a.m.

Application deadline: October 13, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.

Pitch Dingman Competition Semifinals: November 22, 2019 in Tyser Auditorium, Van Munching Hall

Pitch Dingman Competition Finals: March 10, 2020, in Grand Ballroom, Stamp Student Union


All applicants must be a current student at the University of Maryland. Applicants will be evaluated on the uniqueness of their ideas, the current traction and scalability of their business, and the viability of their business as measured by the steps that they have taken to mitigate risks. For the Semifinal and Final rounds, judges will also take into consideration the contestants' progress toward their goals and steps taken to grow their business since time of application.

Completing Your Application

You must complete an application for your team to be considered for the Pitch Dingman Competition. The application consists of a series of questions about you and your business as well as a pitch deck. If selected for the Pitch Dingman Competition, your pitch should be a two-minute presentation providing a brief overview of your business idea. It is meant to help you—as an entrepreneur—to practice and hone your ability to verbalize and sell the idea to early stage investors such as friends and family, angel investors and venture capital firms. The key is to share your passion and enthusiasm for your idea. Your pitch deck should be short (no more than 5-7 slides) and to the point. Some topics to consider including in your pitch deck are:

  1. What problem are you trying to solve?
  2. How big is your problem? Talk about addressable market size.
  3. What is your solution to the problem? What is the value proposition for the customer?
  4. Who are your competitors and why is your solution better?
  5. How will you make money? What are your revenue stream(s)? Marketing and distribution strategy?
  6. Management team—who? What backgrounds and experiences do they bring?
  7. Current traction–do you have existing revenue? Plan moving forward—how will you use the prize money to grow your business and what are your targets for the next six months?

Keep in mind that every business is unique and so should be your presentation. Please practice your presentation several times.

2019 Winners

Aurora Tights – Jasmine Snead ’19 - Grand Prize ($15,000)
Aurora Tights designs performance apparel for dancers and skaters in the full-color spectrum. By giving performers the option to get tights in their unique skin color, we’re sending the message “You DO belong in this sport.”

Solr Tech – Alexei Onufrak ’20 - Second Place ($7,500)
Solr Tech has created the first way to turn any patio umbrella into a solar charging station, meaning whether you’re at a hotel, by the pool, at a cafe, or at your favorite outdoor study spot, you’ll always have a convenient way to charge up.

Synapto – Dhruv Patel ’20, Chris Look ’20, Anoop Patel ’20, David Boegner ’20, Megha Guggari ’20 - Third Place ($3,500), Audience Choice ($1,000)
Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis always happens too late, leaving patients and families with less options for clinical treatment, financial & legal planning. Synapto uses novel AI models and portable EEG to make diagnosis more accessible & efficient.

crepkitchen – Mathew Steininger ’22 and Awsaf Sikdar ’22
Limited edition sneakers and clothing often sell out quickly when stores release them. In order for customers to purchase, they need to have prior knowledge of the store, time, URLs, etc. of the releases. We provide information for them to do so.

OpenPoll – Zachary Wynegar ’19
We connect end users to decision makers through web and mobile polling.

2019 Judges

David Quattrone, MBA '05, Co-founder & CTO, Cvent

Bill Boyle '81, Chairman of the Dingman Center Board of Advisors

Cassie Costin, Community Market Leader, SECU

Gloria Jacobovitz, Technology Manager, Applied Physics Laboratory


David & Robyn Quattrone 


Thank you to our generous donors David & Robyn Quattrone and SECU for providing seed funding for the competition.