Kathryn Stewart Fellowship Program

The Kathryn Stewart Fellowship Program is designed for undergraduate students who are interested in entrepreneurship and want to intern at a startup. To be selected as a Stewart Fellow, students must secure a summer internship with VC- or angel-funded startups and early stage companies. Through this program, startups benefit from increased access to the Smith School’s most talented and vibrant students. Meanwhile, students benefit from experience with the challenges of forming and growing new ventures. The Dingman Center provides up to a $5,000 stipend to supplement the salary offered by the startup.

Student Qualifications

  • Open to current UMD undergraduate students
  • Students must have a strong interest in entrepreneurship
  • Participation in entrepreneurial focused classes and past involvement with Dingman Center programming
  • Have received an offer from a startup

Benefits of becoming a Stewart Fellow

  • Fellows will be awarded up to $5,000 to supplement the summer internship salary
  • Foster connections within and understanding of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Promoted and supported by the Dingman Center

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Produce high level work and strongly represent the Dingman Center, the Smith School and the University of Maryland
  • Commitment to work during a typical summer internship time frame (early June to early/mid-August) negotiating any vacation dates with the company directly
  • Once designated a Stewart Fellow, students are expected to be frequently involved with the Dingman Center

What types of companies can participate in this program?

  • Firm must either have already raised some Angel or VC funding or have received grant funding of $500,000 or more
  • Non-profit startups are also eligible
  • Self-funded firms will be considered in cases where angel or VC funding is being actively pursued
  • Must be recent startups: less than five years since inception (or since initial external capital, in the case of “ramp-ups” or “speed-ups”)
  • The company is expected to expose the student to strategic decision-making aspects of the company’s operation

Application Process for Students

  • Students work independently (and with the Smith School Office of Career Services) to secure an internship offer
  • After receiving an offer, students apply by emailing Lottie Byram (lbyram@rhsmith.umd.edu) the startup offer letter, resume and cover letter explaining 1) why you want to become a Stewart Fellow, 2) how you will succeed in an entrepreneurial setting and 3) how this program will further your career goals
  • Dingman Center responds to set up interview (if application qualifies) and application review

Next Steps

Intern Search Resources

2019 Stewart Fellows

Jacob Orbach

Pete Schultz '21

Pete is a Junior at the University of Maryland, College Park pursuing his Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, minor in Technology Entrepreneurship. He has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and aspires to run his own business early in his career. He plans to use his background in Computer Science to help develop his startup and nonetheless compete in the technology industry. Though he has a deep interest in business, he has yet to gain any real world experience as his previous internships were in IT. This summer he is developing and implementing new strategies in the areas of operations, sales, and marketing for PULSE House of Fitness.

Summer Internship: PULSE House of Fitness in Washington, D.C.


Doyinsola Oladimeji-Stevens '20

Doyinsola Oladimeji-Stevens is an International Relations and Economics double major at the University of Maryland. She sees herself as a person-oriented leader who values integrity and unity with others. As an International Relations major she identifies as the kind of person who places importance in genuine connections with others in order to make the world a better place. But as an Economics major, she also appreciates the importance of looking at the world analytically so as to know what is attainable and what boundaries can be pushed. This summer, she is a digital marketing intern for Pearl Long Term Care Solutions, LLC.

Summer Internship: Pearl Long Term Care Solutions, LLC in Purcellville, VA

2018 Stewart Fellows

Jacob Orbach

Jacob Orbach '19

Jacob is a Senior at the Robert H. Smith School of Business pursuing a major in Information Systems and minor in Business Analytics. He is passionate about using technology in creative ways to solve complex problems. His biggest strength is his distinct background, which enables him to bring a unique perspective to any situation. He hopes to bring his quantitative practice and entrepreneurial spirit to make meaningful contributions in the technology industry.

Summer Internship: City Hive in New York City

Yinyin Liao

Yinyin Liao '18

Yinyin Liao is a Finance and Marketing double major in the Robert H. Smith School of Business. Within the Smith School, she has been involved in SUSA as a social media consultant, Consult Your Community as a Business Analyst, and President of Net Impact. She served as a VP on the executive board of Phi Chi Theta, a professional business fraternity. Yinyin is also a member of College Park Scholars in the Public Leadership program, which first introduced her to solving critical social issues through proactivity. Yinyin and her co-founder Natalie Urban, started Project Girl, a coffee-venture aimed at empowering women. The high-quality fair trade coffee is sourced from independent female farmers in Latin America, and 25% of the proceeds are donated to girl's education in Cambodia. The venture was borne out of her passion for equalizing educational opportunity in Southeast Asia after she taught English for 3 months in rural Thailand. Last summer, she interned at RAPP in San Francisco in a strategy role working with clients such as VISA, Paypal, and TED. Her time in the bay area introduced her to the fields of design and technology. Her passion for entrepreneurship was cemented through being a part of Ladies First Founders, a class for female entrepreneurs at the University of Maryland. She hopes to use her passion for design, technology, and people to solve critical problems. This summer, she will be a Customer Experience intern at Hungry Harvest, where she will work on innovating parts of the company to generate better experiences for Hungry Harvest users. 

Summer Internship: Hungry Harvest in Baltimore, MD


2017 Stewart Fellows

Michael Khizgilov

Michael Khizgilov

Michael Khizgilov is a finance and marketing double major at the University of Maryland. Michael ignited his passion for entrepreneurship as an intern at Gallup during the summer. At Gallup, he co-founded a fashion label focused on supporting the entrepreneurial community in the D.C. area and fell in love with the creative and flexible start-up environment. Michael is a member of the QUEST Honors Program and the Business, Society, and the Economy Scholars Program, as well as the International Economics and Finance Society. During his time at UMD, he has participated in the Dingman Center’s Fearless Founders accelerator, winning first place in spark and competing in Idea Shell with his startup idea, ActiveLearn. Michael has experience in the education industry as both an intern and as a startup founder and is continuing to work on his current idea to improve the U.S. educational system. This summer, Michael is excited to work at Sandboxx, a veteran-founded company that simplifies the military lifestyle.

Summer Internship: Sandboxx

Ryan Pillai

Ryan Pillai

Ryan Pillai is an Aerospace Engineering major at the University of Maryland. Ryan and his co-founder Michael Malcolm took a gap year to pursue their startup, WeCook, which ultimately led to the acquisition of a product built by the company. Ryan has made it his objective to grow himself as an entrepreneur through working with mentors in his interested fields and immersing himself in startup work. He works part-time at several startups, providing business/engineering expertise in addition to a position as an Entrepreneurship Mentor at the University of Marylands MTECH program, helping facilitate events to promote entrepreneurship amongst faculty and students. As a veteran member of Startup Shell, he also helps incoming students work through startup ideas and access University/State resources. Ryan is passionate about building companies/organizations through data, analytical forecasting, and process driven strategies and hopes to fine tune this ideology through the multitude of experiences he has accumulated. While continuing his above mentioned work, he will be working at the North American Wave Engine Corporation (NAWEC) as an engineer, where he will be part of a team designing and prototyping proprietary aviation tech.

Summer Internship: North American Wave Engine Corporation

2016 Stewart Fellows

Matthew Furda

Matthew Furda

Matthew Furda is a chemical engineering student at the University of Maryland. Matthew discovered his passion for entrepreneurship while working in the D.C. Uber office during the summer. At Uber, Matthew fell in love with the fast-paced and innovative startup environment the office provided. Though his interest in entrepreneurship is recent, he has always been a self-starter with a desire to create and experiment. At an early age Matthew taught himself to cook, and it is now a hobby and passion. Cooking combines his desire to experiment with his passion for chemistry in a creative and artistic manner. In high school Matthew became fascinated with sourdough bread baking, and he experimented with wild yeast strains. His fascination later led to an interest in beer brewing, as the process of fermenting specific ingredients involves both scientific and artistic aspects. Matthew is currently working on a brewing related business idea as a side project which he plans to pitch at the Dingman Center’s Dingman Fridays. This summer he will intern at Javazen, a company founded by three University of Maryland alumni that specializes in tea-infused coffee blends.

Summer Internship: Javazen

Erich Meissner

Erich Meissner

Erich Meissner is a sophomore studying electrical engineering and entrepreneurship. He is a part of entrepreneurial organizations like the Startup Shell, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Honors Program (EIP), and the Hinman CEOs program. He cofounded uBoard, a UMD startup that competed in the Pitch Dingman Competition Finals. He is working on the NASA Space Race Competition, an international challenge for student entrepreneurs to harness ten open-sourced NASA technologies into a consumer-facing product and possibly a full-fledged company. Erich has interned in the healthcare industry and is interested in founding a startup in predictive medicine and preventative diagnostics in the future. His past awards include UMD’s Banneker/Key Scholarship. Erich is excited to be working at LiftOff Health, the largest virtual accelerator for healthcare innovation.

Summer Internship: LiftOff Health

Emily Turner

Emily Turner

Emily Turner is an International Business and Marketing major at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. She just spent her spring semester of junior year studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Emily is a member of the College Park Scholars, where she participated in the International Studies program. She is also an active member of Kappa Delta sorority. Emily has worked for a startup marketing firm in her hometown of Morristown, New Jersey for the past two years. She hopes to use her Spanish speaking skills and marketing skills in her future career. This summer she will be working as a marketing intern for Hybrent Inc. in Reston, Virginia.

Summer Internship: Hybrent Inc.

2015 Stewart Fellows

Daniel Stern

Daniel Stern

Daniel Stern is finance major and a junior at the University of Maryland. He's from Cheshire, CT, and aspires to run his own startup in the near future. He's passionate about tackling big problems and changing the way we view the world. During his time at UMD, Daniel has participated in the Dingman Center's Fearless Founders accelerator and competed in a Pitch Dingman Competition with his startup idea, Globoclub Fitness. In July 2015, Dan and a fellow student launched the e-commerce site, East Coast Cornhole (eccornhole.com), to sell high quality Cornhole Sets and Boards.

Summer Internship: Grand Central Tech Incubator in New York City

Joseph Tuchman

Joseph Tuchman

Joseph Tuchman is a student studying finance and entrepreneurship. Joseph’s passion for all things entrepreneurial is not limited to the classroom. He has worked at three start-up companies, an investment bank, and at a venture capital firm. In addition to professional work experience, Joseph runs two start-up’s that are growing into large organizations. He is the Chairman of TAMID Group, an organization with over 1,200 students at 29 universities in the U.S., that aims to connect college student’s with start-up’s in Israel through experiential learning. Additionally, Joseph is the Chairman of the National Hillel Basketball Tournament, where he fundraised over $120,000, sourced over 20 sponsorships and oversaw a board of 20 in order to bring 40 basketball teams from across the country to UMD for a weekend of basketball and culture. Joseph is excited to work at Camber Creek Venture Capital this summer, where he will source deal flow and perform due diligence on start-up companies in the real estate world.

Summer Internship: Camber Creek Venture Capital