Terp Startup

Nina Silverstein, 2B

Terp Startup is the "just do it" phase of Fearless Founders. This summer incubator helps student entrepreneurs make the pivotal decision to continue working on their venture or decide to use their entrepreneurial skillset working at another company. At the end of the summer program, students should have: made substantial progress on their product of service; secured or increased initial customers and partners; have the ability to make the "go/no-go" decision based on metrics and market indicators. Those selected for Terp Startup will receive a cash stipend, advising and other useful resources.

Application Process

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  • Apply by March 30, 2018
  • Interview round: April 2-6, 2018
  • Offers made: April 9, 2018
  • Student entrepreneurs who have completed milestones from the Hatch stage by developing an MVP and acquiring initial customers.
  • Students who want to spend a summer executing on customer acquisition.
  • Students who have not completed Dingman Jumpstart or Hatch may apply. These students must have conducted initial customer discovery. 
  • Each team will receive a stipend up to $5,000.
  • There will be an on-campus co-working space.
  • Ongoing advising.
  • Make data driven decisions about the next stage of their business. 
  • Determine the metrics that matter, test assumptions, build market awareness and acquire/retain initial customers. 
  • Leverage Dingman Center network and resources for accounting, tax, funding, IP and legal advice.

Summer 2017 Cohort

Founder: Nina Silverstein MBA ’17
A children’s book and clothing company that inspires children to envision their future.

Annie’s Children
Founders: Anastasiia Polyakov ’17, Katie Aranas ’17
Children’s books that use folk stories from various countries to support their local orphanages.

Dark Sonar Technologies
Founder: Brian Freeman ’19
Cybersecurity company that detects and prevents threats on websites and mobile apps.

Founder: Didac Hormiga ’19
Interactive social media app to help locate nearby events and entertainment.

Founders: Simon Amato ’17, Holly Wilson ’17, Alexandra Cimino ’17, Diego Lyon ’18
Food startup that puts a delicious frozen twist on doughnut holes.

Founders: Shane Salta MBA ’17, David Kaplan
Smart, wearable light-up devices, starting with a digital LED shirt controllable by phone.

Founders: Sanna Madan ’20, Christopher Look ’20
Global sentiment analysis on social media to predict stock market movement.

Symbiont Health
Founders: Erich Meissner ’18, Maria Chen ’19, Kyle Liu ’20
Healthcare startup developing automated fall detection devices for seniors.

Summer 2016 Cohort

Founder: Sam Feldman ’16
CardBuddy features stick-on phone wallets made of high-quality leather, presenting an upscale alternative to the common cheap plastic options.
Read CardBuddy's profile on Dingman Blog.

Founders: Aaron Bloch ’17 and Benjamin Khakshoor ’18
CourseHunter aims to revolutionize the registration experience for undergraduate students through a web application that allows users to receive instant open seat notifications sent straight to their devices.
Read CourseHunter's profile on Dingman Blog.

Founders: David Potter ’18, Abb Kapoor ’18 and Giorgi Managadze ’17
Curu is a web and mobile app that provides inexperienced credit card holders with centralized tools and knowledge to simplify credit management.
Read Curu's profile on Dingman Blog.

East Habesha
Founder: Saron Asfaw ’18
East Habesha is an online cultural store dedicated to providing the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area with East African clothing, spices and accessories.
Read East Habesha's profile on Dingman Blog.

Founders: Damar Bess ’18, Henry Blanco ’18 and Rodrick Campbell ’18
Nonich is a contemporary menswear clothing brand that blends aesthetics from Japanese street wear, Americana clothing and Western European outerwear, while incorporating details from the designers’ personal life experiences and influences.
Read Nonich's profile on Dingman Blog.

Founders: Nathalyn Nunoo ’18, William Kwao ’18, Elania Tait ’18 and Saron Bizuayehu ’18
POSH is a beauty consulting firm that provides a fun and reliable hands-free resource to clients seeking make up services for any occasion.
Read POSH's profile on Dingman Blog.

TapTime TV
Founder: Dustin Ecton ’16
TapTime TV is a fully customizable entertainment channel placed in local bars and restaurants that lifts the weight of internal marketing for restaurants while providing an external advertising outlet for local businesses.
Read TapTime TV's profile on Dingman Blog.

Founder: Thomas Rivas-Siles ’16
Vendoo is a mobile application dedicated to streamlining the selling process for the online seller. Similar to Hootsuite, the app allows sellers to easily post on different marketplaces while also managing their items and messages all from one place.

Summer 2015 Cohort

Bethany’s Organics
Founder: Bethany Monaghan ’16
Bethany's Organics is on a mission to make healthy food more convenient, honest, delicious & environmentally friendly. The company uses only the highest quality ingredients, never sacrificing taste. All of our products are non-GMO, organic and vegan friendly! It’s first product, Crustless Creations, is a healthy spin on your childhood favorite. Crustless Creations are crustless sandwiches filled with the perfect ratio of nut/seed butters & delicious fruit spread served on whole wheat bread. 

Co-Founders: David Engle ’15; Tony Liang ’17; and Sean Kim ’17
Demere is focused on consumer image recognition to help reduce the uncertainty in a consumers everyday life. The founders look forward to on-boarding beta users to test out the prototype of the consumer application in the upcoming weeks. 

Co-Founders: Eric Golman ’15, Ryan Schueler ’14, Aaron Wallach ’14
Javazen promotes health in the coffee industry through the creation and distribution of functional beverages. The startup aims to lead new trends in the beverage industry which can make the world a better place. Javazen products are always organic, always nutritious, and always delicious. 

K. Sultana
Founder: Omar Goheer ’16
K. Sultana was founded to relieve the discomfort from hot temperatures experienced by Muslim women who wear the head scarf, called the hijab. K. Sultana’s sales team involves a collaboration with women in Muslimat Al-Nisaa, a homeless shelter based in the Baltimore area focused on serving homeless Muslim women. These women form their initial person-to-person sales force and receive a $7.50 sales commission for each scarf sold.

Meta Cartel
Founder: Jordan Greenwald ’15
Meta Cartel is a progressive streetwear brand that makes limited edition hats. Founded after an inspirational trip to Spain, the brand began designing hats as a medium of expression, and with a purpose of creating a parallel to themes found in street culture. Since then, Meta Cartel has also expanded into custom hip-hop inspired art, and has maintained a strong presence in the emerging arts scene. 

Starchild Studios
Founder: Ayana Zaire Cotton ’15
Starchild Studios is a co-working concept for DC creatives. The startup’s ultimate goal is to showcase, connect, and empower DC's creative community. Starchild Studios is currently showcasing local artists through their media outlet, Distrikt Magazine. It will connect creatives through a collaborative studio space opening in 2016. Ayana hopes to empower the creative community through workshops on entrepreneurial insight for artists.

Co-Founders: Tyler Denk ’16; Taylor Johnson ’16; and Tommy Johnson ’16
VentureStorm is an online platform that connects aspiring student entrepreneurs with talented student developers locally on their campus to advance their business from idea to launch. The VentureStorm team is currently building a unique collaborative workspace on their platform to enhance the communication and development process. The team aims to expand their services to more universities by Fall ’15.