Entrepreneurship Courses

Listed below are ongoing entrepreneurship courses offered through the Smith School of Business. Check Testudo for current semester offerings and a full course descriptions.

Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship minor equips students with the knowledge and skills to ramp up their own businesses, as well as to innovate and think creatively about problem-solving and strategy. All majors may apply. For more information, please contact smithminors@rhsmith.umd.edu.

Featured Dingman Center Courses

BMGT 468R - Fearless Founders: New Venture Practicum
This three-credit course is for undergraduate or graduate students committed to an idea after validation, whether through Dingman Jumpstart or elsewhere. Students experiment with business models, revenue streams and go-to-market strategies. By the end of Hatch, some startups are securing their first customers and generating revenue, while others are working on a beta or pilot. In the final class, students pitch for seed funding to move their business forward. The course is taught by Professor Oliver Schlake. If you are interested in registering for the Spring 2020 class, please fill out our interest form.

BMGT 369D - Ladies First Founders
Ladies First Founders is the Dingman Center’s one-credit spring semester course for female and non-binary entrepreneurs working on businesses at the University of Maryland. Taught by Sara Herald, champion of our Ladies First Initiative, the course helps students build soft-skills for overcoming gender biases in entrepreneurship. The cohort learns about entrepreneurship, grows their business ideas, and supports each other’s entrepreneurial journeys. The syllabus includes a blend of skill-building workshops and networking events. Topics include the how to’s of networking and mentorship, finding balance as a founder/student/human, overcoming imposter syndrome, startup pitching and body language, funding and how to get it, and more. Due to high demand for the course, participants are selected through an application process.

BMGT 468U - Fearless Founders: Social Entrepreneurship Laboratory
Taught by Dingman Center Social Entrepreneur-in-Residence Drew Bewick, the Social Entrepreneurship Laboratory is an active learning environment for students to test their hypotheses around the creation of social ventures and develop a deep understanding of how the field of social entrepreneurship works. Teams will iteratively test their ideas for solving social problems through experimentation, document results, incorporate feedback from key stakeholders, develop a minimum viable product, and present their outcomes. Come to this class interested in changing the world and leave with a social entrepreneur’s mindset and valuable experience using pioneering startup methodologies.

Study Entrepreneurship Abroad

BMGT 398E - Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps I

Taking BMGT 398E is a prerequisite to participating in the 9 credit Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps summer study abroad program in Ecuador, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic and is available by application only. This spring course introduces social entrepreneurship with accompanying lectures on consulting techniques, Latin American culture, and economic development. The course is taught by Dingman’s Associate Director for Social Entrepreneurship, Sara Herald.

BMGT 499G - Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps II

Prerequisite: BMGT 398E. In the fall semester immediately following the summer abroad program, students complete a one-credit course to reflect on in-country experiences and incorporate the skills and lessons learned into future courses and careers. The course is taught by Dingman’s Director of Venture Development, Sara Herald. Click here to learn more about the Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps (MSEC) study abroad program.

Featured Partner Courses

BMGT 468E - Smith Store 2.0
A unique experiential learning course that puts students in the position to design, build and operate a real-life retail and online store (Smith Store), with branded gear exclusive to the Smith School of Business. The students will engage in crossdisciplinary project work in small teams and be fully responsible for the store operations, logistics, marketing, finances, store design, product selection, social media engagement, payment systems and accounting. There is a strong entrepreneurial focus in this class, which partners with the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship. The class is open for enrollment to all Smith students with 30 or more credits.

Undergraduate Courses

BMGT 289E - Entrepreneurial Thinking for Non-Business Majors: How Not to Miss Great Opportunities Your Life Throws at You

BMGT 349F - Private Equity and Venture Capital

BMGT 352M - Customer-Centric Innovation

BMGT 361 - Entrepreneurship: Starting and Managing the Entrepreneurial Venture

BMGT 365 - Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity

BMGT 461 - Entrepreneurship

BMGT 465 - Business Plan For The New Venture

BMGT 468T - Creativity for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Outdoor Edition

BMGT 468V - Transformative Action: Effective Methods for Social Change
(Part 1 of Social Innovation Fellows; by application only)

BMGT 468W - Social Innovation Practicum
(Part 2 of Social Innovation Fellows; by application only)

BMGT 468Y - Enterpreneurial Capitalism Around the World

MBA and EMBA Courses

BUFN 755 - Entrepreneurial Finance & Private Equity

BUFN 758B - MBA Consulting Project: New Market Growth Fund

BUMK 758P - Innovation and Product Development

BUMO 732 - Entrepreneurship and New Ventures

BUMO 752 - Strategic Growth for Emerging Companies 

BUMO 758C - International Entrepreneurship

BUMO 758F - Entrepreneurial Issues in Family & Closely-Held Businesses

BUMO 732 - Entrepreneurship and New Ventures

BUMO 753 - Emerging Business Formation

BUMO 758D - Social Entrepreneurship

BUMO 758I - Innovation & Entrepreneurship

BUMO 761 - Creativity for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

BUSI 771 - New Venture Financing

EMBA 758 - Strategic Innovation and Entrepreneurship (EMBA only)

EMBA 778B - Entrepreneurship (EMBA only)

PhD Courses

BMGT 878C - CDSS Cross Disciplinary Workshop

BMGT 878G - Endogeneity and Selection in Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management Research

BMGT 878I - Innovation and Entrepreneurship

BMGT 878L - Overview of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

BMGT 878N - Theory of the Firm

BMGT 878O - Organizational Economics

BMGT 878Q - Qualitative Methods

BMGT 878R - S&E Research Methods Foundation


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