Initiatives & Programs

The mission of DIGITS is to encourage and support research on digital markets and businesses. Center activities include:

Sponsorship of Research Projects

The primary purpose of the Center is to encourage and sponsor research relating to the impacts of digitization on markets and enterprises. To accomplish this objective, the Center provides funding to faculty members who propose interesting, leading-edge research relating to the business impacts of digitization. The Center funds individual scholars as well as multidisciplinary teams of researchers who propose projects to the Center, or who are interested in undertaking studies brought to the Center by its sponsors.

Publication of An Online Working Paper Series

To disseminate the results of research, the Center publishes an online working paper series linked to the Smith School online working papers pages.

Sponsorship of Seminars

Conferences and symposia are important mechanisms for disseminating knowledge. The Center hosts conferences like the CIO Forum that bring together academics and practitioners to focus on a single topic like the impact of 2.0 technologies

Executive Education Short Courses on Digital Businesses and Markets and Enterprises

In partnership with the Executive Education Center DIGITS faculty offer short courses related to the theme of the center. Course modules include:

  • Digital Strategies and Web 2.0
  • Leveraging Digital Platforms: Success and Failures
  • Sponsored Search Markets
  • Digitization and Organization Design in a Netcentric Business Environment
  • Designing Digital Marketplaces and Auctions
  • Mobile Commerce: Technologies and Business Models

Annual Center Research Conference

Each year the Center holds a research conference that is designed primarily for its sponsors. The conference features reports of the year’s research projects, and showcases information technology from around the University.