CCB’s areas of focus include applications of complex system methods, such as agent-based simulation, network theory, and nonlinear optimization techniques to analyze and solve problems that arise when large numbers of entities (consumers, employees, traders, firms, etc.) interact in ways that are too complex to be understood by more traditional management research tools. Such problems can be found in practically all areas of modern management, including marketing, information systems, operations and logistics, finance, and organization science.

SSRN The CCB now has a Research Paper Repository on SSRN

The Center for Complexity in Business is pleased to announce a new repository of papers hosted at the Social Science Research Network. The repository currently hosts a dozen papers covering topics including agent-based modeling, viral marketing, data simulation, and diffusion. The repository can be found at this link.

The following are projects that CCB faculty are currently pursuing:

  • Media, Aggregators and the Link Economy: Analyzing the Future of News
  • Diffusion and Ranking in Digital Social Media: Understanding the Role of Influence and Authority
  • Merging Functional Data Methods and Agent-Based Models to Explore Social Choice Behavior in Digital Markets
  • Building the B[r]and: Using Social Media to Drive Customer Engagement and Sales

Other research areas that CCB faculty are involved in, include:

  • Computational Consumer Behavior Modeling
  • Advanced Data Mining and Agent-based Modeling
  • Geography and Computational Modeling
  • Understanding the Economic and Cultural Implications of Internet-enabled Social Media
  • Diffusion of Innovation
  • Leverage Points and Scenario Analysis
  • Network-based Organizational Learning
  • Agent-Based Approach for Integrated Driver and Traveler Behavior Modeling