Center Research

The center’s cross-disciplinary research program will have faculty champions stationed throughout the Smith School to work with other educational institutions and leaders in business, non-profits, and government.

Areas of Research

  • Executive coaching—process & consequences
    • Embedded in 19-month EMBA program
    • Coaching in multiple non-degree leadership development programs
    • Active research team
    • Executive Coaching Conference (June, 2009)
  • Leadership, team empowerment, and knowledge-sharing
  • Leadership of virtual teams
  • Leading creativity/innovation
  • Leading organizational change from multiple levels

List of Recent Publications

Managerial Development
Smith Business Magazine, Spring 2010

Want to develop leadership for the next generation? Try stretch assignments. 

Developing Managers with Stretch Assignments
Smith Business Close-Up, November 2009

In this edition of Smith Business Close-Up Paul Tesluk talks about how to help employees stretch to develop into top managers.

Developing Managerial Talents Through Stretch Assignments
Research @ Smith, October 2009

On-the-job experience can be a powerfully transformative tool for professional growth—in fact, research indicates it may be the primary vehicle for learning critical leadership skills.

Leadership Development from Research to Practice
Research @ Smith, September 2008

The Smith School’s Center for Human Capital, Innovation and Technology (HCIT) explores issues at the intersection of these three key management resources and leverages this knowledge to help organizations develop their leaders to their fullest potential.

Creating the Best Environment for Knowledge Sharing
Smith Business Magazine, Spring 2007

Business success in the digital era is driven by information; knowledge sharing within organizations is crucial but not easy to achieve.

Motivational Mechanisms and Knowledge Sharing
Research @ Smith, January 2007

Understanding the different factors that motivate workers to share knowledge, and the ways that those factors interact, can help managers create an environment that results in the greatest amount of knowledge sharing, utilization and performance. 

Executive Coaching
Smith Business Close-Up, September 2004

In this edition of Smith Business Close-Up Dr. Joyce Russell, professor and a recognized expert in organizational behavior and human resource management, discusses executive coaching.