Joseph P. Bailey
Innovation, entrepreneurship, telecommunications, economics, public policy, electronic commerce, supply chain management

Gilad Chen
Organizational behavior, human resource management, work motivation, adaptation, teams, leadership

Michael Faulkender
Corporate finance, capital structure, risk management, corporate liquidity, executive pay structure

Trevor Foulk
Deviant workplace behaviors, workplace power dynamics, social perception, and interpersonal influence behaviors

Hui Liao
Human resources, organizational behavior, leadership, service quality, organizational justice, inclusion, industrial-organizational psychology, creativity, cross-cultural management

Jennifer Carson Marr
Dynamics of status hierarchies and motivational goals

Rellie Derfler-Rozin
Behavioral ethics, selection decision and biases, belongingness needs, emotions

Myeong-Gu Seo
Emotion in Organization, organizational change, institutional change

Nick Seybert
Financial accounting, behavioral finance, cognitive dissonance

Oliver Schlake
Creative Problem-Solving (focus: Creatively challenged organizations), Product and Service Innovation Strategies, Scenario Planning and Corporate Foresight, Intrapreneurship, Industrial Revolution 4.0 Strategies, R&D Portfolio Optimization

Cynthia Kay Stevens
Industrial-organizational psychology, executive coaching, change management, negotiating corporate change, managing employee burnout, conflict management, leadership development, team building

J. Gerald Suarez
Organizational design, systems thinking, quality management, systems thinking, organizational redesign, social responsibility

Subra Tangirala
Employee silence and voice, organizational/team learning, organizational identity and identification

Vijaya Venkataramani
Social influence, creativity, social networks, organizational fairness, leadership

Clarence Wesley
Innovation management, corporate strategy, new ventures, entrepreneurship, technology, telecommunications, mobile media

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