About Us


Translating the scholarly and practical expertise of the Smith faculty into leadership insights for business, government and nonprofit executives.


The Center for Leadership, Innovation & Change (CLIC) is focused on producing vanguard research, programs, and related activities that will foster effective leadership, organizational change, innovation, and social stewardship. The Center is committed to using its wealth of knowledge in these areas to serve a broad audience of executives, managers, scholars, instructors, students, and alumni, while also seeking their input.

For scholars, CLIC engages in high-quality innovative research (as shown through publications in top journals) that provides new theoretical and empirical findings, as well as emerging methodological developments in the leadership, innovation and change research arenas.

For senior executives, CLIC offers instruction regarding top leadership roles, navigating organizational change, and other emerging issues of importance through the following mechanisms: (1) translations of cutting-edge research (research articles, podcasts, etc.), (2) events such as briefings and mini-conferences (e.g., a CEO conference or roundtable), (3) research projects that address key senior-level leadership, innovation and change objectives (e.g., leading radical change).

For developing managers at all levels, CLIC provides insights into leadership behaviors, roles, and processes through the following: (1) leadership development programs and executive coaching, (2) variations on conferences like some of those noted above, and (3) skill-building (leadership development) workshops.

For instructors, CLIC makes students effective leaders by offering new ideas and suggestions in the areas of leadership, innovation and change. These ideas and suggestions will consist of (1) cases, articles, interviews with senior executives that translate Center research findings into classroom knowledge, (2) access to guest speakers for courses, (3) access to action-learning opportunities (e.g., student projects, internships)

For students, CLIC provides guidance on how best to prepare for roles as leaders and shapers of the future through such mechanisms as: (1) translations of cutting-edge research that are accessible to students, (2) opportunities to interact with leaders at Center events and (3) opportunities to develop research skills by working with faculty/PhD students on leadership, innovation and change projects and activities.

For alumni, CLIC offers a life-long learning process, exposing them to forward-thinking ideas which help to develop their leadership skills and ability to innovate through: (1) leadership development programs (e.g., skill-building workshops), (2) opportunities to develop and expand professional networks (e.g., attending conferences), (3) connecting alumni to students and faculty (e.g., Smith networking events).