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By collaborating with other educational institutions and local businesses, CIBER can have a very broad impact. The Smith School CIBER supports faculty from the Smith School and other institutions who strive to deepen research and enhance their teaching capabilities in international business. Companies with the intent of entering the global marketplace can use CIBER as a resource to build and expand their networks, access consulting services, and further their knowledge about diverse global markets. The Smith School CIBER also engages the local business community to provide specific programs and activities for professionals designed to build international knowledge and understanding, a global mindset, and tangible skills to succeed in a global marketplace.

Here are just a few of the opportunities you can access by collaborating with Smith CIBER:

  • Thought Leadership - Smith is ranked #24 in the world for intellectual capital by the Financial Times. Take advantage of the most cutting-edge knowledge by consulting with faculty.
  • Actionable consulting to global clients who are looking for an innovative, operational solution to a company challenge. The caliber of Smith MBAs are able to offer the most significant impact and best possible outcome for their client.
  • Smith's strategic placement in DC - access to global institutions, embassies, government organizations, etc.
  • Flagship university of State University System.
  • Proximity to Baltimore, a mid-Atlantic reach, campuses throughout MD and in Beijing, China, and programs in several countries.

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