Sustainability Jam

Sustainability jam

The Center for Social Value Creation hosts a weekend long event every Fall aimed at creating new, real-world ideas to promote and advance sustainability. Using the principles of Design Thinking and rapid Design Prototyping, the “College Park Sustainability Jam” is part of a global Jam movement that connects “Jammers” from all backgrounds, levels of experience, and parts of the world.

Participants of a Jam (Jammers) work through an entire design process in just one weekend. Jammers work locally, but maintain connections globally with other jams happening concurrently all around the world. The purpose of the Jam is to: get people talking, formulate new ideas, learn about design thinking, better understand sustainability, stimulate new work practices, meet cool people at all levels of experience, work hard, and HAVE FUN! The end result is a set of "workable prototypes" that will be uploaded to an international shared database (protected by a creative commons license) and the results are published to the world.

So… Wanna JAM? Email Kim Robertella ( for more information.