Research Sponsorship

CHIDS provides access to world-class researchers with expertise in health information technologies, technology value, adoption, and diffusion, health care operations, advanced statistical techniques, and a broad understanding of the business of healthcare. Research project sponsorships leverage CHIDS’ capability as a neutral, unbiased third party and are constructed around a specific research project that the partner is interested in conducting with the assistance of CHIDS research staff. The partner will specify the scope of the project and well-defined deliverables will be jointly agreed upon. Generally, such projects are aimed at advancing understanding in some aspect of health information and decision technologies, and frequently include primary data collection through surveys, interviews, and focus groups, followed by statistical and econometric analysis of the data. They may also involve the analysis of archival data, or a survey of the literature. Deliverables include research papers, white papers, executive briefings, and executive presentations. The financial commitment for such projects varies, depending on the scope of work. Past projects have ranged from $30,000 to $300,000.

We encourage our partners to become members of the center first and then engage in research sponsorships depending on specific research needs. This enables the partner to take advantage of membership benefits and build a long-term stakeholder relationship with CHIDS and the Smith School of Business.

Collaborations with our research partners have provided mutually beneficial opportunities to explore research areas together.

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