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Initiatives & Programs

Among its various activities and programs, the Center coordinates various education programs aimed to provide applicable thought leadership to industry professionals and students.  Use the links to the left for more information on current and past programs.

In Term C, the Center for Financial Policy is sponsoring the course: Special Topics on Financial Regulation (BUFN 758).  This course will examine the financial market regulatory environment in the wake of the financial crisis.  We will study how the Securities and Exchange Commission regulates financial markets and its role in working with the Financial Stability Oversight Council to monitor systemic risk.  Students will understand the mission of regulation, how rulemaking is conducted and the tools and techniques of the regulator to ensure robust and healthy markets.  Topics will include the scope of financial regulation, cost-benefit analysis in rulemaking, the causes and consequences of the financial crisis, defining and monitoring systemic risk in financial markets, market regulation issues, and the limits to financial market regulation with a focus on shadow banking.  The student should gain an appreciation of the financial market regulatory landscape in the U.S. and how the regulatory process affects price formation and market functionality.  This course will be taught in conjunction with the Center for Financial Policy and will include a number of guest speakers that are experts on the topics covered by the course.

Instructor:  The instructor for the course is Professor Kathleen Weiss Hanley who has extensive experience in the regulation of financial markets.  She was most recently the Deputy Chief Economist of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Deputy Director of the Division of Economic and Risk Analysis.  Prior to that time, she was a Senior Financial Economist at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and at the SEC.