Executive Workshops

2012 China Telecomm Delegation Visits UMD for Customer Service Seminar

A delegation of directors and managers from the customer service department of China Telecommunications Corporation (China Telecom) met with Professor Janet Wagner on November 24, 2012 for a day-long customer service seminar. The delegation was led by Mr. Huang Zhiyong, Deputy Managing Director of China Telecom’s customer service department. The focus of the workshop was how to market and manage a service business for profit. Topics included the essentials of service marketing strategy, how to brand a service firm as an employer, customer lifetime value, and how to manage different profitability segments of the customer market. China Telecom is the third largest telecommunications firm in China. The workshop, in its second year, was sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Service (CES) in partnership with Smith Executive Education.

First-ever China Telecomm Delegation Attends Customer Service Seminar

China Telecom, one of Chinas largest telecommunications companies, visited the University of Maryland on October 30, 2011, for a day-long customer service seminar. Zhu Zhengwu, deputy managing director of China Telecoms customer service department, led a delegation of twenty directors and managers from provinces across China. Janet Wagner, director of the CES, presented the latest research-based information on customer service, as well as best practices in customer service from leading U.S. telecommunications companies. Topics included customer relationship management, customer lifetime value, service failure and recovery, service blueprinting, and integrated marketing communication. The seminar concluded with a discussion of strategic pricing in telecommunications.