Sherri Locke: I Did It My Way

Sherri LockeIf the Smith School had a master's program for selling, Sherri Locke, MBA '82 could be a professor. After completing her undergraduate degree in French Literature at New York University and spending time in Europe, she enrolled at the Smith School because she was looking for something different in life.

In her last semester at Smith, she was asked to intern at IBM in a sales position. Sherri had no prior sales experience, and it was not what she expected.

She quickly learned sales was a sophisticated art form, and her training at Smith was key to success. She feels Smith taught her the fundamentals, like clear, concise business writing and decision analytics, that enabled her to meet client needs.

Therapy dogFearless ideas are critical in business, although Sherri pointed out that organizations are often slow to adopt creative solutions. In her most recent position at Kaiser Permanente, she found a warm embrace for innovative ideas. There, she started a dog therapy program to help patients in recovery programs at over 20 medical center locations. Sherri's therapy dogs have helped patients in the infusion, internal medicine, and adolescent behavioral health departments. Although she has recently retired from her day job at Kaiser, she continues to work with the dog therapy program. The work has been extremely rewarding, and Sherri is now looking to expand her program to all Kaiser Permanente locations in the DC region.