Devin Regan '09: Stepping Into The Virtual Reality World

Devin ReganEven as a little kid, Devin Regan ’09 had an entrepreneurial spirit. “I sold the valuable Pokémon trading cards to shops. I charged my classmates for drawings I made. I mowed lawns.” He knew from an early age he wanted to become an entrepreneur and start his own company.

Fast forward a few years, when it came time for college, he still had this same mindset, along with an interest in working with people and a desire to learn the ins and outs of business management. Coming from a self-proclaimed “big UMD-loving family,” Devin enrolled in the University of Maryland and knew the Smith School would make him feel right at home.

While navigating his way through various business courses, Devin found marketing to be the major best suited for him and his career goals. He was then thrilled to learn of the sports commerce and culture minor that the University offered, and even more thrilled about the Smith School Sports Management Fellows Program. Devin was an avid sports fan and ran track at Maryland, so the Fellows Program connected all of his personal and professional interests.

After graduating, Devin worked in a number of marketing and sales positions until he finally took the entrepreneurial leap in 2016 and co-founded Maverick VR, a virtual reality entertainment provider. Devin became infatuated with virtual reality when he tried a demo at an event, and he knew he had to get into the VR field. Devin and his business partner explored a few business models until agreeing on acting as an event service provider.

“The events industry was a perfect match for virtual reality because it provides guests with a unique and memorable experience. There’s a great need for that in the events space,” Devin said.

And that’s one of the biggest pieces of advice Devin has to offer Smith students or alumni looking to start their own business. Make sure there is a need for your product and that the product or service is valuable. “Make sure your product is truly valuable and that you’re not just trying to get eyes on something. Have clients lined up before you launch so you know there is already credibility and sales coming in.”

Maverick VR has been in business for two years and has served countless clients, including our very own University of Maryland for a Freshman Welcome event at Stamp earlier this year. Devin is excited to see Maverick VR continue to grow and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the virtual reality industry in the coming years.