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Kerry-Ann Betton Stimpson, MBA ’01: Get involved, give back and participate

Kerry-Ann Betton StimpsonAs a woman in the C-Suite of a multi-national financial services group, Kerry-Ann Betton Stimpson, MBA ’01 is passionate about being a part of any conversation that helps bring about gender balance in the workforce. This has always been a passion of hers, as Kerry-Ann grew up in Jamaica, where approximately 80 percent of undergraduate and graduate level students are female, and women make up the majority of the national workforce!

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After earning her bachelor’s degree in management studies in her home country of Jamaica, Kerry-Ann came to the United States to pursue an MBA. With the proximity to D.C., nearby family members and the quality of the MBA program, she knew the Smith School was the perfect match. While at Smith, Kerry-Ann immersed herself in not only her education, but also the cultural experiences provided to her through her peers.

When offering advice to current Smith students, Kerry-Ann says: “I highly recommend students take full advantage of all professional and personal development opportunities the school offers. Don’t just go to class and go home. Get involved, give back and participate.”

She still recalls great memories with her Smith professors, especially her first marketing professor Judy Frels and is extremely thankful for the multitude of projects she challenged herself with throughout her studies. Outside of her own coursework, she kept herself busy by serving as a teaching assistant for a business communications class, joining the Black MBA Association and volunteering with Greater DC Cares.

Her only regret during her time at the Smith School? “I didn’t leverage my alumni network enough. There’s nothing like building a network of alumni and hearing about their career journey.”

Nevertheless, Kerry-Ann’s own career is extremely successful. She returned home to Jamaica after earning her MBA. “With my exposure at Smith and having an international MBA, I was in a job within the first four weeks. I really cannot complain about my career trajectory,” Kerry-Ann said, as she thinks back to her first job, post-MBA, ultimately moving up to Senior Marketing Manager. Today, Kerry-Ann serves as the Group Chief Marketing Officer for JMMB Group where she’s accountable for the marketing strategy for JMMB’s portfolios in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago. The JMMB Group is one of the leading financial groups in the Caribbean, and though men tend to dominate the CEO roles in the financial services field in Jamaica, the company was co-founded by a woman and its board of directors comprises of 40 percent women.

Outside of her career and family life, Kerry-Ann plays her part in supporting the development of the next generation of women. She counsels teenagers at a one-week summer camp, and as part of the We Inspire Women and We Inspire Girls movement in Jamaica, she gives motivational talks to high school females on how to love themselves and live their best lives.

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