OTL Internship Program

To expand our impact, the Office of Transformational Learning welcomes a team of undergraduate and graduate assistants to participate in a year long internship. Our interns are critical to the success of the OTL team. 

The OTL internship experience is marked by two distinct elements: 

  • Strengths Based Approach: We understand that you have unique abilities and skills that you bring to this work. You aren’t applying to a particular job, but you are applying to a role that will evolve based on your strengths and areas of expertise. 
  • Meaningful Work: We want to make sure that you have the opportunity to grow and explore your areas of interest. In collaboration with you, we identify meaningful work that will enhance your development, while also contributing to the needs of OTL. 

Examples of past internship projects have included: 

  • Generating insights from student learning outcomes data through SPSS or Tableau; 
  • Creating accessible documents and powerpoint presentations;
  • Training Smith teaching assistants to assess soft skills such as oral or written communication; 
  • Conducting focus groups to gather data from key stakeholder groups; and 
  • Synthesizing complex research ideas into concise, practical teaching and learning strategies. 

OTL provides transferable skills to interns through our monthly workshops. We practice important skills such as oral communication, team building, navigating difficult conversations, and thinking critically. Workshops are tailored to specific intern groups, based on needs and interests. 

OTL Teams


The Administrative team supports all of the teams in the Office of Transformational Learning through administrative tasks, project and program management, and excellent customer service. 

Internship Position: 

Course Development

The Course Development (CourseDev) team helps to innovate instruction at Smith through a variety of initiatives and strategic plans. Our team engages faculty through immersive workshops, along with more intimate faculty coaching to incorporate student feedback and peer evaluations. Additionally, our instructional designers pull together both on-campus and external resources to promote rigorous, engaging learning experiences for students. Our team encourages academic innovation and collaboration, creating opportunities for students to go beyond the classroom and apply their knowledge to today’s most complex and relevant business challenges.

Internship Position: 

Experiential Learning

Within OTL, the Experiential Learning (ExL) team helps bring real-world learning experiences in the classroom with corporate and alumni partners to facilitate Smith Live Cases and Smith Speakers, as well as project-based learning engagements, the Innovo Scholars Consulting Program, and other experiential learning initiatives at Smith. Our team encourages academic innovation and collaboration to create opportunities for students to go beyond the classroom and apply their knowledge to today’s most complex and relevant business challenges. 

Internship Position: 

Educational Technology (Graphic Design):  

The Educational Technology (EdTech) team provides support to faculty on a number of different technology platforms. We help faculty utilize their Canvas sites to enhance student engagement and the learning experience. 

Internship Position: 

Learner Success

The Learner Success team manages key initiatives that drive curricular and programmatic change at Smith. OTL oversees the Assurance of Learning Initiative, which identifies trends in student learning outcomes. Interns who work on the Learner Success team support the process of student learning outcomes data collection, analysis, and reporting. Additionally, students create surveys and lead focus groups to solicit stakeholder feedback on student competency development. 

Internship Positions: 

Non-Degree Programs

Working with the Non-Degree Programs (NDP team includes a mix of content review, web programming, and instructional writing. This work culminates in significant contributions to videos, readings, and activities for students to interact with in our various programs. This work pushes you to find creative solutions that meet professional and instructional requirements.

Internship Position:

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Student Learning

The Office of Transformational Learning uses Clifton Strengths to leverage the strengths of our students while encouraging them to work through their  “balconies and basements.” This  practice encourages positive teamwork and team-building, student relationships, and productive intern-deliverables for each team. While interns may work with different OTL teams, we provide three to four workshops each semester that allow interns to gather and work together.

Example of the 2019-2020 academic year workshop schedule: 

  1. August 2019: Strengths Finder Exploration
  2. September 2019: Oral Presentation Assessment Training 
  3. October 2019: Critical Thinking Assessment Training 
  4. November 2019: Business Writing Assessment Training
  5. February 2020: StrengthsFinder: TeamBuilding 
  6. March 2020: Navigating Difficult Conversations
  7. May 2020: Virtual Internship Celebration
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