Studio Guidelines

What to expect on the day of your shoot

Thank you for agreeing to participate in this photo or video shoot. You will be working with our photographer/videographer, Tony Richards. Your shoot will take place in the Smith Studio (3570Z), located in the Office of Marketing Communications suite, Van Munching Hall (3570). 

What to wear, what not to wear 

Please wear professional attire (either smart business or business casual), and anchor white clothing with a darker jacket or sweater. Feel free to bring extra clothing options if you are unsure. Jewelry is fine, as long as it does not make noise (e.g., jangly bracelets) that could be picked up by our microphones, which are very sensitive. If you wear glasses and they are non-glare, great. If not, we may ask you to remove them just for the shoot. 

If you are asked to dress more casually, please wear plain or Smith School/UMD-themed clothing. 

Technically speaking… 

For video interviews, we’ll ask that you turn your cell phone or tablet off (not silent or vibrate) to avoid any RF interference between your device, the camera and other equipment. 

Me? Nervous? 

It’s natural to experience some jitters when facing down that camera lens, but don’t worry!  We’ll do our best to make you feel comfortable by providing clear direction and answering any questions you may have. The most important thing is to relax and be yourself. Caffeine drinks can produce anxiety and even constrict the vocal cords. Dairy products can also affect voice quality. We don’t recommend either before being interviewed. Drinking water (not too cold) will keep you from becoming dehydrated. 

Tips for a great on-camera interview 

Video marketing is on the rise – videos are effective because they are engaging. When people click on a web video, they’re looking for more than what can be portrayed in a web story. They’re looking for your story – your experience and perspective. So keep it simple and succinct, speak from the heart, and don’t focus on perfection. What creates a connection with the viewer can be summed up in one word – authenticity. Just be yourself and of course, follow these great tips from