Digital Communications

Smith MarComm’s digital communications team manages the Smith School’s online presence, including designing and implementing interactive websites and components as well as traditionally structured web pages and information utilizing HTML, Drupal and other interactive technologies. 

We are responsible for: 

  • Keeping the website current
  • Creating websites for new initiatives and events
  • Developing written and visual content for the web
  • Posting and updating news and other web stories
  • Multimedia and web content, including landing pages
  • Strategic direction and production of online videos
  • Our social media strategy, content and presence
  • Our Content Management System (Drupal)
  • Video production/Smith Studio 


Quick Fixes

Found a typo? A link that isn’t working? Formatting problem? Request a quick web update at for a fast turnaround – 24 hours is our goal.

General Web Updates

For text changes or other updates to your web pages or to document an issue, send an email to It is helpful to copy the current content into a Word document and highlight your edits. Please include the URL of the existing page above your copy changes so we can identify where the text changes should happen, and follow the same process for any issues you are documenting. If there is an incorrect link or text, include the new one. If it is a display issue, include a screen capture along with your device and browser.

New Websites and Revisions

Creating new websites, e-newsletters or projects that involve extensive updates to multiple pages and/or navigation changes require an initial consultation that should be scheduled in advance with an anticipation of a two-week turnaround.

Creating and Testing Emails

HTML emails require advance notice for design, revisions, testing and distribution via mailing lists, if required. A one-week turnaround is requested.

Personal Websites, Blogs and Social Media

Each faculty member and PhD student may create a personal Smith website. To set this up, you may request access from Smith IT at

Want to Tweet or start a blog? We can get you going. We also provide ongoing training on social media best practices (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).


Faculty members should check their faculty profiles in the online directory. The profiles are dynamically generated from a database and can’t be easily customized, but can be easily updated. Each profile is tagged with the academic department so it will show up under that website as well as the main directory.

The new profiles have fields for CV (PDF), website/blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We are happy to work with faculty members on new options for expanded brand-compliant websites. Email with any edits to your profile page.


The Smith School’s website employs many new features that boost our website technology. It’s built on Drupal – an open source content management platform that powers millions of websites and applications around the world. This means greater flexibility to the end-user, especially those who have smaller, but more frequent web updates. Several members of the Smith community have been trained to maintain the new website using Drupal. MarComm will still provide centralized updates for all pages when you contact

The new website also uses Responsive Web Design (RWD), which adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids and flexible images. This technology creates mobile-friendly displays on the many portable devices we use to access the web, such as smartphones and tablets. 

New user? No worries. We are always here for training, to answer questions or help you with troubleshooting.


Whether you need to spruce up your department’s website or engage in a full consultation for a new Smith School initiative, request a web consultation with Amy Taylor at to get your project rolling.


Smith Studio creates online videos and podcasts that promote and support the brand and strategic initiatives of the Smith School. Video packages created by MarComm deliver impactful, interactive and targeted messages that enhance media content. They range from highly produced projects requiring the full commitment of our in-house production team to simpler projects needing fewer resources.

You’ll find our videos on our website, YouTube channel, and at select events. Video production is housed in the Smith Studio, 3570Z Van Munching Hall.

Smith MarComm does not provide classroom support – for example, video that provides course content. This may be requested through Smith’s Office of Information Technology.

In the event that you are scheduled to be interviewed in our studio, please refer to our Smith Studio Guidelines to find out what to expect and how to prepare for your interview.

For more information about Smith videos and podcasts, please contact Tony Richards at

Smith on YouTube

The Smith School has a YouTube channel where we showcase video packages, as well as footage from events, interviews and other school activities. These videos are viewable by the general public. We encourage you to share your videos with the appropriate audiences to help showcase our media.