Our Capabilities

Smith’s Office of Marketing Communications provides high-quality, strategic creative support for our administrative and academic departments and centers. We develop effective messaging with a global reach that promotes our programs, initiatives and events. We advance the brand identity of the Smith School by making sure everything we do fits within its overall brand and messaging. These efforts anchor the Smith School’s public image and reputation.

The Office of Marketing Communications is structured according to the type of work we do: 

This section explores the breadth of capabilities of each function area and provides tips on how to get the best results from our team. 


Bring us in early – As marketing and communications experts, we make valuable contributions that help shape the success of a project or initiative, especially in the planning stages. 

Agree on expectations upfront – Once we’re all on the same page, we will do our best to create realistic timelines and clearly define the roles and responsibilities of our client partnership. 

A mutual commitment to move the project forward – We consider this a shared responsibility between our client-partners and us. We each have a role and an obligation to meet deadlines and assignment milestones. 


Smith MarComm provides marketing and communications support for the entire Smith School. Because we routinely manage a large volume of work, we must build in flexibility. We reserve the option to make adjustments in coverage and services based on the timing of the request, staff availability and strategic priorities of the Smith School. While completing a request form does not guarantee that we can take on a project or cover an event, we are happy to work with you to find the best solutions to meet your goals, including making connections with trusted vendors and consultants.

We also provide resources to cover an event yourself or to create your own Smith-branded marketing collateral. Once you’ve created your marketing materials, please share them with us before you share them with your audience. We like to ensure consistency and accuracy of information and data that is shared with the public.


One of the responsibilities of Smith MarComm is to present the Smith School to our internal and external audiences in a way that will identify us as unique, consistent and recognizable and produce the desired results on our target audiences: increased enrollment, favorable reputation, financial support, etc. One of the ways we accomplish this is with our Smith School logo – the identifiable mark, or stamp, that should appear on all print and electronic communications representing the Smith School. 

While proper use of our logo is important, branding is so much more! It includes the entire customer experience … from our visual identity to our messaging to the way we interact with our customers and are perceived by our audiences. Building and managing a great brand isn’t just the work of the Smith MarComm team. It’s something we all participate in, every day, in all the ways we represent Smith.