Graphic Guidelines & Elements

All marketing materials developed on behalf of the Smith School should adhere to the guidelines outlined below.


These are the colors for collateral, branding and marketing materials for the Robert H. Smith School of Business. Colors are described on standard coated stock with their CMYK make-up and their PMS (Pantone Matching System), where applicable.

Primary Smith Colors:

  • Smith Red (CMYK=22/93/88/2; PMS 186C)
  • Metallic Silver (PMS 877)
  • Rich Black/Black (CMYK=50/30/0/100; CMYK=0/0/0/100)

Secondary Smith Colors:

  • UMD Red (commonly used in the logo): (CMYK=0/100/81/4; PMS 186C)
  • Smith Dark Red (CMYK=28/94/89/4; PMS 1807C)
  • UMD Yellow (CMYK=0/16/100/0; PMS 116C)
  • Smith Yellow (CMYK=0/17/80/0; PMS 122C)


The Robert H. Smith School of Business uses three type families in its collateral, branding and marketing materials.

Primary Smith Typeface

Smith’s primary typeface is exclusive to the Robert H. Smith School of Business. It can be used for any and all copy and is always used for body copy. This typeface is:

  • Interstate

Secondary Smith Typefaces

The secondary typefaces are the official University of Maryland typefaces. They are used for emphasis and are found in the logo. They can be used for call-outs, quotes, sub-subheads, etc. These typefaces are:

  • Bembo Std
  • Univers LT Std


Logos are available for download in color, grayscale and black and white in four formats – EPS, TIF, JPG, and GIF. 

  • EPS is a high-resolution vector graphic format. This format can be enlarged indefinitely with no effect on the quality of the art. This art will separate as spot color, meaning that it will provide a printing plate for black, PMS 180 red, and PMS 123 yellow.
  • JPG is a high-resolution graphic format that is best suited for use on the web. However, the JPEG compression algorithm is not as well suited for line drawings and other textual or iconic graphics, and thus the GIF formats are preferred for these types of images, including logos. The JPEG is included in these downloads only because some logo submission guidelines specify it.
  • GIF is a low resolution (72 dpi) pixel-based graphic format which was created in Adobe Photoshop. This format is for web use only, and should only be used at original size or smaller. Enlarging beyond 100% will result in deterioration of the image quality. This version should never be used for any print applications.

The University of Maryland has requested that the university's globe always link to www.umd.edu.

Download Logos

Primary Logos - Download file

Official Smith School Logo          Official Smith School Logo

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When referring to the Robert H. Smith School of Business use the full name or "Smith School of Business," "Smith School" or "Smith." Do not use Maryland Business School, R.H. Smith School of Business, or R.H. Smith. When referring to the MBA degree, use Master of Business Administration or MBA, or in general a master's degree, or for undergraduates, a bachelor's degree in business.

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