About Smith MarComm

Who We Are 

The Office of Marketing Communications (MarComm) is your in-house creative firm, offering a comprehensive suite of services to help you achieve your marketing and communications goals. 

We are comprised of experienced professionals from the fields of marketing, graphic design, print and broadcast journalism, marketing analytics, media relations, photography, video production, web design and development.

We enjoy what we do, love collaboration, and eat challenges for breakfast! We look forward to consulting with you about your goals for your program, event or initiative.

What We Do 

Smith MarComm can help you reach your marketing and communications goals in strategic, effective ways that will capture attention and command results. We conceptualize, plan, write, design, and execute materials and communication to reach internal and external audiences, attract people to events and deliver important information in a timely and effective manner. And when a project requires expertise beyond our capabilities or resources, we can connect you with trusted vendors and consultants to bring it to a successful conclusion. 

The Office of Marketing Communications is structured according to the type of work we do: 

To learn more about what we do and how each function area works, visit Our Capabilities

How We Work 

We share a common goal with our client-partners: to deliver assignments on time and within budget. Successful collaboration begins with a mutual commitment to move a project or assignment forward. We consider this to be a shared responsibility between MarComm and our client-partners. We will work with you to create realistic timelines that include project milestones and clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Along the way, we’ll share expertise and information. And when projects end, while we do like to celebrate victories, we also welcome feedback that helps us continually improve our processes. 

Most people think of MarComm when they have a need for something tangible – artwork, a brochure, press release, or web story – yet we can contribute much more. As marketing and communications strategists, we want to get involved in the planning stages of your program, event or initiative, and when gift agreements or memoranda of understanding are involved, we’ll share MarComm “best practices” at the outset. We can help you build in marketing and communications goals early on while working to create and execute an integrated marketing plan.


We can’t stress enough that early planning is essential. Key and signature events typically require the full resources of our staff, while one person or a smaller team can manage other projects. While each project is unique, larger projects and initiatives can require a year or more of advance planning, while smaller projects, depending on what is involved, can require a few weeks or months of planning. Updates and quick turnaround projects typically can be completed in a matter of days or weeks. In any case, building in lead time helps us prioritize our workload and resources, and to schedule various ongoing communications more efficiently. As expected, our busiest times are at the start of each semester, due to the number of programs, events and other initiatives that require our involvement.


We realize the Smith School is a large and growing institution with a lot of talented people who are running our programs, initiatives and events. If your responsibilities involve marketing and communications, we can help develop or review your copy and provide the tools and resources to help you effectively tell your story to the Smith School and beyond, including an entire suite of branded templates you can use to create your own print and electronic promotional collateral.

If you’re using an outside creative vendor, please let us know early on so we can provide them with the information and guidance they need. Working together helps us ensure the consistency and accuracy of information and data used in marketing the Smith School.


Getting started is as simple as visiting our submit a request page and providing us with some initial information based on your needs. This documentation helps us manage our workload and output and keep track of the marketing and communications needs of the Smith School. It also helps us assemble the right team for the job. The appropriate person from our office will then contact you to set up a meeting or an initial discussion to learn more.

Need to plan an event or have an events-related question? Contact the Office of Smith Programs and Events