Meet Our Staff

Kimberly Nichols, Director of Financial Reporting
Kim oversees the overall care of data integrity of the Smith School's financials.
Rowena Corpus, Director of Financial Management Systems
Rowena oversees internal accounting and reporting systems, manage budgets and financial reporting for EMBA programs, manage Accounts Payable team.
Grace E. Russell, Coordinator, Office of the Dean
Grace handles all appointment, promotion and tenure cases; faculty annual review forms, summer research grant proposals and instructional teaching agreements.
Mary Crowe-Kokonis, Payroll Coordinator
Mary processes the payroll for over 953 faculty, staff, grad asst and student/hourly employees, benefits orientation with new faculty and staff. She conducts the new GA payroll and benefits orientation seminar and is also the approver of tuition remission forms, FMLA/Advanced sick leave, time entry adjustments, parking coordination.
Michele Lintz, Business Manager
Michele provides support to assigned departments on financial budgeting, forecast analysis, and pre-award/post-award grant administration.
Edren Lewis, Business Manager
Edren provides support to assigned departments on financial budgeting and forecast analysis.
Daega Fatah, Accountant
Daega provides support to assigned departments on financial budgeting and forecast analysis.
Lea Bartolome, Accounting Associate
Lea is responsible for accounts payable for Academic Affairs and purchase related business needs using corporate credit cards.
Jamie Athey, Foundation Accountant
Jamie processes reimbursements that go through the Foundations.
Lufandia Tong, Business Services Specialist
Lufandia is responsible for Accounts payable, Purchase Order, Contract travel and non travel reimbursement.
Fuping Tong, Account Clerk III
Fuping is responsible for accounts payable which includes paying invoices, small procurements, and travel and non-travel reimbursements.
Jim Lamon, Account Clerk III
Jim deposits checks and cash for FRS accounts and inputs credit cards for conference and tuition for programs.