Values & Expectations

Core Values

Service – Meeting needs and exceeding expectations of the Smith School community, always in a "customer-oriented" manner.

Morals – Conducting ourselves in an honest and credible manner, exhibiting the highest of ethical and moral standards.

Improvement – Seeking to streamline processes and maximize efficiencies for our customers, while expanding our own professional capabilities.

Thoughtfulness – Demonstrating a sincere and caring attitude toward those with whom we interact; striving for win-win outcomes.

Hard work – Recognizing that our customers and colleagues deserve our very best effort, every day; creating an environment that fosters team effort for optimal results.

Expectations/Success Factors

Carry out the policies of the school

  • Or think creatively and propose new ones.

Meet your deadlines

  • If worried about missing – inform in advance, in writing, and with new proposed delivery date

Respond to messages within one business day

  • Even if response is “need time to look into that, will let you know by x-date”

Assume goodwill

  • Most of the time people are doing their best to do right