Paulo Prochno

Jack Dorsey, Two-Timing CEO (of Twitter and Square)

Twitter's new CEO, Jack Dorsey, is wasting no time in making changes. This week the social networking company laid off 336 people, or 8 percent of its workforce. In his spare time, Dorsey will continue running Square, which offers software and credit card readers to retailers. How can one person serve as CEO to two companies? Smith School management professor Paulo Prochno says there are precedents. Read more...

Five Keys to Understanding Brazil’s Petrobras Scandal

Arrests and resignations have kept Petrobras in the news while a criminal investigation unfolds, but don’t assume a gloomy forecast for Brazil’s state-controlled oil company. “My overall answer for Petrobras is, I’m very optimistic about the company,” says Smith School professor Paulo Prochno. He shares five keys for keeping the Brazilian telenovela in context. Read more...

Positive Energy from Brazil's Petrobras Scandal

You know you have a corruption problem when Brazilian prosecutors catch you with nearly $24 million in bribe money stashed in a hidden Monaco account. Such stories have become common at Petrobras, a state-controlled oil company engulfed in an 18-month investigation that already has led to 80 arrests and put previously untouchable powerbrokers on alert. Even Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff remains vulnerable. But beneath the scandal, another picture emerges of a pioneering company with serious know-how. Smith School professor Paulo Prochno explains why Petrobras's outlook remains strong in this Smith Brain Trust podcast...

We Are Smith: Paulo Prochno

Paulo Prochno has taken hundreds of MBAs to South America through his Doing Business in Brazil course. With his infectious energy and experience in consulting for well-known Brazilian companies, he is a student favorite and a model for enhancing the academic experience with global opportunities.

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