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Revenue-Driven Surgery Drives Patients Home Too Early

Financial considerations and poor planning drive some surgery patients home too early, concludes a pair of logistical studies conducted by researchers at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business.

The studies show a correlation between readmission rates and how full the hospital was at the time of discharge, suggesting that patients went home before they were healthy enough. The researchers recommend better planning and other logistical solutions to avoid these problems.

Information Sciences Students Poster Session

On the afternoon of December 10th, 21 Smith School students waited nervously in a large classroom, standing in groups of three before displays that illustrated their team's application of the most widely used decision support methodology in the world, the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). The poster session is part of the final project in the graduate course, Applications of Management Science. Bruce Golden, professor and holder of the France-Merrick Chair in Management Science, has taught the course for two years.

Flu or Something More Sinister? Using Computer Models to Find Out

Symptoms resulting from a bioterrorism attack could be alarmingly similar to those of the flu. A computer model developed by Sean Barnes, assistant professor of operations management, aims to identify one from the other by their very different transmission dynamics. 

Barnes built his original simulation model for his dissertation as a mathematics PhD student at the University of Maryland (2012) to help public health officials seeing the two scenarios play out and determine which they are dealing with. 

Faculty Kudos

Michael Ball, Orkand Professor of Management Science, and Michael Fu, professor of management science, have received a $630,000 grant from NSF under the special initiative on “Dynamic Data Driven Application Systems.” The title of their proposal is “Dynamic Real-Time Order Promising and Fulfillment for Global Make-to-Order Supply Chains.” Ball has been named Area Editor for Transportation in the flagship journal Operations Research.

D&IT Department

Information systems and networks represent the critical infrastructure on which corporations and the economy depend not only for the execution of operations, but also for the formulation of strategy andcompetitive differentiation. The Smith School’s department of decision information technologies (D&IT) helps organizations meet these challenges through its leading-edge research and educational programs.

Faculty Kudos

G. Anandalingam, Ralph J. Tyser Professor of Management Science, chair of the decision and information technologies department and co-director of the Center for Electronic Markets and Enterprises, and Raghu Raghavan, assistant professor of management science, co-edited a special issue of the Journal of Management Science focused on electronic markets in March 2005.


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