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Frenemies? Smith Expert Lays out the Stakes of China-India Summit:

Leaders in China and India will meet Friday with their economies poised to be among the three largest in the world by 2025. Despite the increasing trade between the two countries, unresolved border disagreements and India’s large trade deficit in relation to China are straining the relationship, says Smith School professor Anil Gupta in a CNN guest column. He and a co-author lay out the high stakes involved. Read more...

MBA Chat: China, India and the Cost of Democracy

Alex Triantis, dean at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, interviewed Anil Gupta, the Michael D. Dingman Chair in Strategy, Globalization and Entrepreneurship, on Feb. 24, 2015, in a lunchtime discussion with MBA students. The topic was “Asia’s Rise and Its Implications.” Much of the discussion centered on the different development arcs, in recent decades, of China and India, and what the future holds for those two powerhouse economies. Read a partial transcript...

Wall Street Journal Features Insight from Smiths Anil Gupta on China and India

The Smith School's Anil Gupta, Ralph J. Tyser Professor of Global Strategy and Entrepreneurship, is featured prominently in a multichannel media report on how firms can develop successful business strategies for China and India. A full-page newspaper article, coauthored by Gupta and Smith School MBA alumnus Haiyan Wang, was published April 28, 2007 in the Wall Street Journal as part of its Business Insight report, which also includes video and audio interviews as well as an online discussion.


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