Visiting Scholars

The Smith School has hosted hundreds of visiting scholars over the years. Today, the School hosts about 10 visiting scholars annually. Our global visiting scholars play an integral role in the life of the School and add an important dimension to Smith’s internationalization. Visiting scholars connect with students, faculty, and other stakeholders in the classroom, conduct research, and participate in co-curricular activities.

Current Visiting Scholars:

Carmine Cerrone

Name: Carmine Cerrone

Country and City:  Salerno, Italy

Home Affiliation: University of Salerno, Post-doc

Smith Department: Decision, Operations, and Information Technologies


About: Carmine Cerrone received his MS in Computer Science from the University of Salerno and his PhD in Operative Research from the University of Calabria. He is currently a post-doc researcher at the University of Salerno. His research interests include vehicle routing, heuristic search, combinatorial optimization, and networks analysis. While in residence at the Smith School. Dr. Cerrone will be working on a research project with Professor Bruce Golden.

Name: Jixiang Chen

Country and City:  Beijing, China

Home Affiliation: Renmin University, Graduate student in Mathematical Economics

Smith Department: Finance


About: Ms. Chen is an MS candidate in Mathematical Economics and Renmin University. She holds a BS in Mathematics from Wuhan University. She served as a research assistant at Renmin University and also has professional experience at Changjiang Securities in Wuhan. Ms. Chen’s research focuses on applying a real investment option model to explain some asset pricing phenomena like momentum and value premium. 

Ping ChenName: Ping Chen

Country and City:  Tianjin, China

Home Affiliation: Nankai University, Assistant Professor of Logistics Management

Smith Department: Decision, Operations, and Information Technologies


About: Ping Chen is Assistant Professor of Logistics Management at Nankai University. Dr. Chen was awarded her BS and PhD degrees in Computer Science from Beijing Jiaotong University. 

Her research interests include transportation and inventory control in logistics management, combinatorial optimization, and heuristic search. She focuses on models and algorithms of vehicle routing problems (VRPs) in logistics distribution in urban areas. Her research is now centered on disaster relief routing problems. While in residence at the Smith School. Dr. Chen will be working on a research project with Professor Bruce Golden. 

Brian CorbittName:  Brian Corbitt

Country and City:  Melbourne, Australia

Home Affiliation: RMIT University, Professor of Information Systems and Professor Mentor, College of Business 

Smith Department: Marketing


About: Brian Corbitt, PhD FACS CP is currently Professor of Information Systems and Professor Mentor in the College of Business at RMIT University. He has held previous positions as Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor Business Research, (RMIT), Pro Vice Chancellor (Online Services at Deakin University, Adjunct Professor of IT at KMIT (NB), Professor of Management Science at Shinawatra University in Thailand, JADE Professor of eCommerce at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. He was also on staff at both Monash University and the University of Melbourne, where he was also Head of International House.

Professor Corbitt specializes in Information Systems modeling, business policy and IT, e-business, e-government, and spatial information systems. He has published 10 books on e-business, e-commerce, and e-government. He has also published over 200 refereed scholarly papers, and also numerous government reports to the governments of Thailand and New Zealand, and many invited papers as a keynote speaker on IT policy in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia. He is a Senior Editor of Information and Management. 

Mingpeng HuangName:  Mingpeng Huang

Country and City:  Beijing, China

Home Affiliation: PhD candidate, Peking University, Guanghua School of Management 

Smith Department: Management and Organization


About: Mingpeng Huang graduated from Wuhan University with Bachelor’s degrees in Management and Engineering. He has published in Acta Psychologica Sinica and China Market and presented papers at the Academy of Management Annual Conference and Biennial Conference of International Association for Chinese Management Research. While in residence at Smith, Mr. Huang is working with Professor Hui Liao on a research project about strategic leadership.

Elif KaraosmanogluName:  Elif Karaosmanoglu

Country:  Istanbul, Turkey

Home Affiliation: Istanbul Technical University, Associate Professor of Marketing 

Smith Department: Marketing

Contact:; 3312 Van Munching Hall

About: Elif Karaosmanoglu is associate professor of marketing at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in the Management Engineering Department She acted as the vice dean for academic affairs for the ITU Faculty of Management between 2010 and 2012. She coordinates the ITU-SUNY, New Paltz Dual Degree Program in Business Administration. Her current research focuses on mobile advertising and technology-consumer interactions and co-creation and co-production in online and offline service contexts. She received the Fulbright Visiting Scholar scholarship for the 2013-2014 academic year to research mobile advertising attractiveness at the Smith School. She previously received a scholarship from the Turkish Higher Education Council to complete her PhD at Warwick Business School in the United Kingdom and was awarded bursary by Warwick Business School during her studies between 2001 and 2006. She also received the Best Paper Award from the SIG in Branding of Academy of Marketing 2008. Her earlier research papers in corporate branding and identity area have been published in European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Brand Management, and Journal of General Management. She recently chaired the EMAC 2013 Conference in Istanbul. 

Chunhua LanName: Chunhua Lan

Country and City:  Sydney, Australia

Home Affiliation: University of New South Wales, Department of Banking and Finance

Smith Department: Finance

Contact:; Van Munching Hall 4425

About: Chunhua Lan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of New South Wales in Australia. Her research interests include asset pricing, financial intermediaries in setting asset prices, and liquidity. Before joining the UNSW, she received her PhD in Finance at Boston College and Doctor of Science in Systems Science and Mathematics at Washington University in St. Louis. Her papers have been presented at top finance conferences such as the American Finance Association annual meetings. She has been awarded several research grants from UNSW. 

Xiaoping LuiName:  Xiaoping Liu

Country and City:  Guangzhou, China

Home Affiliation: Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, Sun Yat-sen University

Smith Department: Management and Organization

Contact:, Van Munching Hall 4505

About: Xiaoping Liu is Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management and Vice Chair of the Business Administration Department at Sun Yat-sen Business School of Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou. He received his BA in Education Administration from Jiangxi Normal University in 1994 and his PhD in Organizational Psychology from Zhejiang University in 2000. 

Dr. Liu’s has received four grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Provincial Social Science Foundation, and various companies. His research focuses on risk perception in the employee-organization relationship, commitment mechanisms, and social identity. In addition to teaching undergraduate and graduate courses on organizational behavior and human resource management, Professor Liu also consults for such clients as Siemens, Danone, and Coca-Cola. While in residence at Smith, he is working with Professor Hui Liao on a research project.

Zhi-qiang LiuName:  Zhi-qiang Liu

Country and City:  Wuhan, China

Home Affiliation: Associate Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, School of Management

Smith Department: Management and Organization


About: Zhi-qiang Liu is Associate Professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology’s School of Management and received his PhD from HUST in Human Resource Management in 2006. He has taught at HUST since 2006 and previously held visiting positions at City University of Hong Kong and Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Professor Liu’s research interests include status competition within organizations; knowledge creation and innovation; career stagnation of knowledge workers; and ethics in human resource management. He has published in the following English language publications: International Journal of Human Resource Management, The Service Industries Journal, International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets, Journal of Business Ethics, and Journal of Organization and Management Development.  Dr. Liu has been awarded research support from National Natural Science Foundation of China, China Ministry of Education, Hubei Province, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

While in residence at Smith, Professor Liu is working with Professor Myeong-Gu Seo on a research project. 

Jules MunierName:  Jules Munier

Country and City:  Lausanne, Switzerland

Home Affiliation: PhD candidate, University of Lausanne

Smith Department: Finance

Contact:, Van Munching Hall 4458

About: Jules Munier is in residence at the Department of Finance during the fall semester. His research focuses on theoretical corporate finance, primarily by using dynamic cash models to explain managers' decisions. His current working papers are about managerial optimism and dividend smoothing. He is working at the Swiss Finance Institute with Norman Schürhoff and Erwan Morellec. Jules was attracted to the Smith School by the opportunity to work with Dean Triantis and other faculty. He has a Master's degree from the University of Geneva in Management and a Master's degree from the University of Lausanne in Finance.

Jenny NossackName: Jenny Nossack

Country and City:  Siegen, Germany

Home Affiliation: University of Siegen, Post-doc

Smith Department: Decision, Operations, and Information Technologies


About: Jenny Nossack studied Mathematics at the Technical University of Berlin. She currently works as a research assistant at the University of Siegen at the Department of Management Information Science of Professor Erwin Pesch. She received her doctoral degree in 2013 and currently holds a post-doc position. In her dissertation she addressed logistics problems (e.g., routing and partitioning issues) encountered in intermodal freight transportation. Her work was awarded a dissertation prize from the German Operations Research Society (GOR). She has also published her research in international journals such as Computers & Operations Research, European Journal of Operational Research, and International Journal of Production Economics. While in residence at the Smith School. Dr. Cerrone will be working on a research project with Professor Bruce Golden. 

Shuxi WangName: Shuxi Wang

Country and City:  Beijing, China

Home Affiliation: University of International Business and Economics, Assistant Professor

Smith Department: Decision, Operations, and Information Technologies


Dong-min YangName:  Dong-min Yang

Country and City:  Gwangju, South Korea

Home Affiliation: Lecturer, Chonnam National University

Smith Department: Management and Organization


About: Dong-min Yang is a lecturer at Chonnam National University in Gwangju, South Korea. He completed his PhD in Business Administration (Organizational Behavior concentration) at Chonnam University in 2012. He has published in Korean Academy of Organization and Management, Korean Management Review, Korean Corporation Management Review, Korean Journal of Management, DAEHAN Journal of Business, The Journal of Business Education, The Korean Journal of Human Resource Development, and The Journal of Industrial Innovation. Dr. Yang has presented his research at conferences in Australia, China, Macau, and Singapore.

Professor Yang has taught courses in business ethics, human relations, organizational behavior, organizational development, and organizational theory. While in residence at Smith, he is working with Professor Myeong-Gu Seo on a research project. 

Jie ZhangName: Jie Zhang

Country and City:  Xi’an, China

Home Affiliation: Xi'an Jiaotong University, School of Management, PhD candidate

Smith Department: Management & Organization


About: Jie Zhang is a PhD candidate in Organizational Behavior at Xi'an Jiaotong University’s School of Management. She has published articles in China Soft Sciences, Management Review, and Nankai Business Review. Ms. Zhang teaches courses in microeconomics and organizational behavior at Xi’an Foreign Language University and she holds a BS in Engineering from Jilin University.