Printing at a WEPA Kiosk

About WEPA

WEPA (Wireless Everywhere Print Anywhere) is a print service that allows you to print from the web. You upload documents to the web following the instructions bellow, then release them from one of the stations we have in the school. Alternatively, you can print directly from a USB Drive after connecting it to the kiosk.


Download and Install the Laptop/Desktop Printer Driver to enable WEPA printing from your computer.

WEPA Print Driver (Windows)

Requirements: Windows 7 or 8 required

WEPA Print Driver (Mac OSX)

Requirements: Macintosh operating system of 10.6 or higher.

Please do not create an account with WEPA, we have already created an account for you that is linked to your UMID.  After you login once, you will be able to swipe your University of Maryland ID card to login


$0.10 per black & white page
$0.17 per duplex black & white page
$0.50 per color page
$0.89 per duplex color page

Payment Methods Accepted

  • Terrapin Express Card

    Swipe your UMD ID at the WEPA kiosk in order to use your Terrapin Express account. You must have sufficient funds in your account in order to print. Please note that the funds in your terrapin express account will not be reflected on your WEPA balance, but you will still be able to use them.
  • Credit Cards

    Major Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover - a $0.40 charge is applied to this method of payment for each transaction.
  • WEPA Account

    You have the option of creating a WEPA account not tied to your UMD account if you wish. You can register for an account on the WEPA website.  MBA/Grad Students have a WEPA account that was created for you by Smith IT.  The account is registered to your address which is your UM Directory ID/ELMS/Testudo login with the domain "" added to the end. Adding the domain to the end is necessary to show WEPA that your account is linked with the University system and not one of their local accounts.


WEPA kiosks are currently installed in 4 public locations and 1 private location:

  1. Van Munching Hall: 1st Floor Atrium, the West Wing Courtyard Entrance (near room 1511)
  2. Van Munching Hall: 1st Floor, Room: 1572, Computer Lab
  3. Van Munching Hall: 3rd Floor, Room: 3515, Computer Lab
  4. Van Munching Hall: 2nd Floor, Room: 2333, MBA Case Rooms (Private)
  5. Ronald Reagan Building (DC): Main Area

How to Print

There are three ways to print using a WEPA kiosk: (1) print locally from a computer that has the WEPA drivers installed. (2) print directly from a USB drive, or (3) you can upload documents to the WEPA webiste.

All of the computer labs and classroom computers are loaded with the WEPA drivers, you can release your print jobs from any WEPA kiosk.

You do not need to create an account with WEPA, you simply need to login with your UMD Email address and Password.

  1. Local (your computer)
    • With the document open, select File, then Print.
    • Select either the Color or Black and White WEPA printer (to install the drivers download them above)
    • Login with your Campus UMD ID and Password
    • Go to the WEPA Kiosk and either claim your job with the release code or swipe your UID card.
  2. Web
    • Login at by selecting University of Maryland and entering your directory ID and password.
    • Click on Web Upload in the shortcuts menu.
    • Browse for the document you wish to print
    • Adjust your options, including Print Range, Color Options and Basic Options, then click Send to WEPA.
    • Your file will be uploaded to the WEPA server for printing at a WEPA station. You may now upload more documents, or logout.
    • Go to a WEPA kiosk at your convenience and sing in with your WEPA account or swipe your card to print.
  3. USB
    • Go to any WEPA kiosk.
    • On the main screen, select Print from USB.
    • Insert USB drive into the USB slot. Documents printed directly from a USB drive must be in either PDF or a Microsoft Office format (.doc, .xls, .ppt, etc.).
  4. Smartphone
    • Download the WEPA print app for Andorid or iOS Device
    • Login to the app using your Directory ID email and password
    • Once you are logged in, you may send your print job from Dropbox or Google Drive to WEPA's servers for printing from any WEPA kiosk.

Drivers in our Computer Labs

WEPA kiosk print drivers are installed on our lab and classroom images. You will be able to print from any classroom and lab computer in the building by selecting either the "WEPA-BW" or "WEPA-COLOR" from the print dialog and then following the Local instructions.