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Form:  Account Requests

Use this form if you need to request Novell and/or Lotus Notes accounts. In most cases, these should have already been created for Faculty, Full-time staff, and MBA students.


Form:  Generic Mailbox Request

For any departmental or club accounts, please fill our our Generic Mailbox Request form.  Please be sure to read the description at the top of the online form.


Form:  Additional File Storage Space

Use this form if you need to request additional file space or email storage.  Please visit our Quotas page to learn more about space allowances.

When submitting the form, you give Smith IT the right to review the content of your accounts with you, based on the University of Maryland Policy on the Acceptable Use of Information Technology, we may provide suggestions for ways to use disk more efficiently.

Email and file storage guidelines on how to maintain your quota can be found on our Acccount Quotas & Guidelines page.

Audio Video Requests Forms:

AV Request Form - if you need assistance for a special event or a classroom event, use this form to request services.  For more information, visit our Rates and Services page.  Please be aware that if you need help that is outside of normal business hours or that puts a greater than normal strain on normal resources you may be charged a fee. 

Video Conferencing Request - Use this form if you would like to set up a video conference using the equipment in the Smith School.  Visit our AV page for more information on equipment and capabilities.

Form: Classroom and Lab Software Requests

This form must always be used to request software installations on any classroom or lab pc used for Business School classes - including remote sites.  Classroom software images are very complex and take a long time to create and test; consequently, they are usually only updated in preparation for a new semester.  Request deadlines:

  • December 20 for Spring semester updates
  • May 20 for Fall semester updates

Exceptions can sometimes be made outside of these dates, and will be considered anytime this form is submitted, however, we cannot guarantee fulfillment of requests made after the deadline.

Mobile Phone Requests Forms:

Mobile Phone Add-on Features - Use this form to request optional features such as VZ Modem Tethering or International Travel.  Please see International Travel and Pricing details below.

Request a new Mobil Device - Please contact your department head, chair or supervisor for approval before submitting the online form to request a new Mobile device. Your supervisor will receive notification when you submit your request. 

All products will be delivered to the Office of Smith IT. Our Mobile phone technicians will activate and configure data synchronization to your Smith school email, calendar, and contacts accordingly. Please allow 3-5 business days to complete your request. If the phones are on backorder it will take longer (sometimes up to several weeks) and you will be given a time frame by the technician who is processing your request. Once your Mobile Phone request has been completed, someone from Smith IT will contact you to let you know you can come pick up your phone.


Cost structure is as follows and is subject to change in accordance with roaming charges and other fees that may apply.

The voice plans covered under these devices are as follows:

  • Domestic Data Only - $34.99
  • Domestic Data and 400 Voice - $49.99
  • Domestic Data and 700 Voice - $62.99
  • Domestic Data and 1000 Voice - $74.99
  • Global SIM Card - $0.00
  • Global Data Only Plan - $50.99
  • Global Data and 300 Voice Plan - $63.99
  • Global Data and 600 Voice Plan - $76.99
  • Global Data and 1000 Voice Plan - $88.99
  • Mobile Hot Spot
    • $10/month with an existing Data & Voice Plan
    • $30/month with an existing Data ONLY Plan

For more information on voice plans and pricing, please contact Lee Comstock at 301-405-7134.


International Travel

If you have a Verizon Mobile Phone with international capabilities that was provided to you by the Smith School and will be traveling outside of the continental United States, please remember that you will need to select a Global Data\Voice Plan two weeks in advance to avoid possible complications.

Please verify the coverage area for your international destination before submitting your request. Also please note that there are usually high fees associated with making phone calls in other countries that are in addition to the cost of your minutes. If you are not a frequent international traveler, it is suggested that you activate the global data\voice plans ONLY during the time you are traveling. Upon return from your destination, you should fill out the Mobile Phone Add-on Features form and switch back to your selected domestic data\voice plan.

If at any point you have issues with your phone while traveling internationally, please do not call the helpdesk, but instead contact Verizon immediately at (908)�559-4899, their 24/7/365 Global Assistance Hotline.

For more information, please visit our Mobile Device page.

Form: New Faculty Computer Requests

This form allows new incoming faculty to choose between 4 different standard desktops/laptops as their primary work computer.  Upgrades can be made to the standard desktops/laptops when using this form.

Orders for Fall will be placed on the first business day after July 1st. Please submit this form at least 3 business days before that date. The default system purchase is a desktop and LCD panel. Any new faculty who has not submitted the form by the deadline will receive the standard desktop system. Once it is purchased, changes cannot be made.

Email to Request Borrowing Turning Point Clickers

Smith IT can provide any interested Business School Faculty with a Turning Point response pad (or "clicker") and a receiver for dev eloping interactive presentations. Faculty may also borrow response pads for the semester for their Graduate class students on a first come-first served basis. Be sure to request a set as soon as you know you will use them. Our current equipment pool is large enough for 7 classes of 60 students. You will be notified by return mail if enough are available for your class.

Smith IT has a limited number of student clickers available to loan. If you are using the clickers for Undergraduate classes, or if there are no more loaner clickers available, students should purchase a Turning Point Response Pad from the bookstore for $40 or online from Turning Point (link from UMD Clicker Site). One response pad may be used in all the classes using Turning Point technology, anywhere across campus. It may be sold back to the bookstore at the end of the semester. To check which model/part number is currently in use, please see the campus "clicker" website's purchasing information.

Please check Campus Clickers website and our Smith IT web page for more details.

Website Access and Update Related Info

Smith School Official Websites:

Office of Marketing Communications is currently maintaining all Smith School's official websites, including all individual websites for Academic Departments, school Offices and Centers.  If you do need to access and maintain a subweb, please contact Office of Marketing Communications at

Smith Faculty Personal Websites:

The server storing existing faculty personal websites on will be deactivated after May 31, 2014.
Meanwhile if you have a personal website created on the old web server, you can s  till reach it from and edit it using the SharePoint Designer 2007. If you have access problem, send a request to

We encourage all faculty members to use the school�s new OpenScholar website, which is designed by Harvard specifically for academic environments.
To set up an account and create your website or migrate your old personal website, visit the home page of the OpenScholar website and hit on Request a Site ( to complete a request form.

Be sure to read Faculty Web Use Guidelines sent out from Dean's Office in Feb. 2014 for more details.

Student Clubs & Organizations:

Student Clubs & Organizations websites can be found on the new school website at If you have any questions, please contact Office of Marketing Communications at

Wordpress Blog Site:

Request Form:  Wordpress blog site
Request a blog page with an address at 
One example: (bet you can't guess what this blog's about :-)

Form: Wireless Guest Accounts

Any faculty or staff that needs wireless access for visitors or guests, you can fill out OIT's Wireless Guest Account form at the link above.  Each faculty and staff may sponsor up to 4 guests for a maximum of 30 days each.

IfIf you require more than 4 accounts, please contact Tina Marie Rollason at 301-405-1021 if you are a Smith faculty or staff.  If you are not a Smith faculty or staff, please contact your department or school's LAN Administratora>.

For more information about Wireless at UMD please see the Division of Information Technology pages about it at: