New Ways of Accessing SmithApps

You can now access the online SmithApps and your files from your iOS or Android mobile device

Sometimes you REALLY need to check something out while you're away from a computer. Here is how to configure the Citrix Receiver software for iOS to connect to our SmithApps system. Android configuration is very similar, but is left as an exercise for the reader.

First, go to the App Store and download the Citrix Receiver client.

When it is installed, tap to launch and then pick "Set up my existing account."

The values you need to put into the account field need to match the information below.

  • Description: SmithApps
  • Address:
  • Username: Your University Directory username (don't put in the < >'s)
  • Password: Your University Directory password
  • Domain: ad
  • Access Gateway: Off

Once saved, you can connect to Smith Apps. Tap an application to launch it!

More information about using the Citrix Receiver for iOS can be found here.