Labs and Classrooms -interactive map of VMH

Finance Lab

Satellite locations
Conference and Case Rooms

VMH Open Labs

Van Munching Hall has 3 open labs  - two Windows labs and one Mac lab - which may be used by anyone with a University Directory ID or a Smith Novell login during hours that classes are in session. 

Netcentric teaching labs

There are also 5 special purpose labs each with unique software, hardware. These Netcentric labs are are used for discipline specific teaching and research.

VMH Classrooms

Teaching classrooms in VMH are all equipped with

  1. a computer at the instructor's desk (Windows OS),
  2. overhead video projector,
  3. VCR, ceiling mounted stereo speakers,
  4. and audio/video controls.
  5. Computer classrooms, 1311 and 2203 have software that allows the Instructor to control student computers.  SMART Sync will block the Internet, broadcast the instructor's screen or project a student's computer to the class.  See the SMART Sync manual for more info.

See these pages for information regarding existing classroom software, standard equipment, or classroom software requests

For questions or problems with technology at Smith, contact the Smith IT Help Desk.  301-405-2269 or email

Satellite Campuses

Baltimore site information - includes hardware, software and tech support

DC Ronald Reagan Building facilities, technology and tech support  

Shady Grove campus and tech support information

Conference Rooms in VMH

Most of the conference rooms in VMH are equipped with equipment racks and overhead projectors.  They have the same equipment and software as the VMH classroom pcs.

To reserve conference rooms, contact Smith Operations at 301-405-2189