Standard Software

The Office of Smith IT is the sole supporter and service provider for one computer for each faculty and staff member.  We maintain software images and push patches and updates to all equipment with our Standard Software Image.

The Standard Desktop Software Image includes the following software:
  • Windows 7 Enterprise Operating System set to update critical patches automatically
  • Citrix Client (for running Smithapps applications and getting K: and O: files remotely)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader

In addition, many applications are available from Smithapps (this list is just a sample):

  • Office 2010 apps (Word... plus extras such as Visio & Project)li>SAS (Network Version)
  • SPSS (Network Version)
  • Palisade Decision Tools
  • Minitab and Quality Companion
  • Finance apps and links (too many to list)
  • See them all listed at the Smithapps Applications page.

Upon request, the Help Desk will install other software on your University owned PCs for you. When a software program is not available for immediate and free distribution by the Help Desk, customers must purchase his/her own copy of the program's software installation media and the respective license(s) - see Purchasing Additional Software

NOTE:  You may purchase and install any non-standard, non-supported software that you wish on your PC. However, The Office of Administration advises non-supported software will not be reimbursed nor can spending ceiling funds be used to purchase non-standard software.  Please contact the Business Manager in charge of your spending account directly if you have any questions about this policy.

The Standard Software and OS that are pre-installed on your PC are licensed for your individual use only. Under no circumstances are you to redistribute the software or OS.

Breaking a license agreement is an illegal act and is punishable by law.

Secure your PC

Keeping your computer secure takes vigilance. For our suggestions visit Smith IT security pages. If you have any other questions, or think your system has been compromised, contact the Smith IT Help Desk.

Request Software Needed in the Labs and Classrooms

Only faculty and staff can request additions to the classroom and lab computers.  This form must always be used to request software installations for any classroom or lab pc used for Business School classes - including remote sites. 

Classroom software images are very complex and take a long time to create and test. Of course, they are locked down to prevent tampering and are usually only updated in preparation for a new semester. The deadlines for classroom software image requests are:

  • January 6 for Spring semester updates and
  • May 10 for Fall semester updates.

Reminder email will be sent to faculty several weeks before these dates. Exceptions can sometimes be made outside of these dates, and will be considered anytime this form is submitted, however, we cannot guarantee fulfillment of requests made after the deadline.

Software Downloads

Campus supported Antivirus Software. Campus provides Antivirus software support to everyone affiliated with the University. Microsoft has developed excellent free antivirus solutions for students and home users (Microsoft Security Essentials) as well as for University owned machines (Microsoft ForeFront).  You can automatically receive free updates as long as your affiliated with the University. Apple computer users can use ClamXav for virus protection. If you have another Antivirus software be sure to uninstall that first!! Virus protection software packages do not play well together.

Check here to upgrade from McAfee VirusScan to MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials).

Turning Point 2008 with ResponseWare.  If you need to create question slides for participants using Turning Point 'clickers' download and install this new version.  Make sure you uninstall any previous versions first!

Citrix  In order to access applications through the eSmith portal, you must first install the Citrix client. Learn more about Citrix

Microsoft Office licenses are available to Faculty and Staff.  You can download at no cost, or, if you prefer to install from CD, you can purchase media for $10 per CD.  Students may purchase it at the bookstore at a reduced cost.

NOTE:  Other software downloads available to Smith instructors and students can be found on the mySmith tab of the Portal in "Downloads"

No drive letter assigned to your USB Flash drive?   Use this "Cool Tool" from Novell.  Plug in the device and run this once - the device will map on that computer every time from then on.  Read Novell's disclaimer.